FR at Typhoon Taco Tuesday

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In the beginning, I was afraid. The scene at Typhoon was chill and there were a lot of social circles. The guys only came in later without girls. Around 9:30 at night the sound amps up and things get moving. Girls are dancing, drinks are filled, etc. I again spent $5 on cover and gas as my expenses.

You can get over the fear by relying on your social circle and friends, or you can figure out how to always depend on yourself and have confidence in your own presence and move forward in life. I chose the latter. Some of the guys that came later went super hard and we were able to do some damage.

My first set was super cool, 5 girls 4 from Sweden. One of the blondes is perfectly my type. I hooked, Jesse came in, and we had a good time. I knew I couldn’t break them it was too early in the night so I left on a high note.

We will re-engage the girls later on in the night and I get the brunettes number. However, the blonde I meet again and I kiss her gently. She’s down. But I remembered she had a boyfriend, and I said goodbye. I regretted this. I should have gotten her number and hung out with her today or tomorrow, before she left on Friday. She was wearing very little clothing and was hot, and she had those big anime eyes when she looked at me. The pain of kicking myself in the foot will remind me of this lesson. Go for the close.

In the beginning we had a group of guys and it was too chill, more group vibe. And we only had 1 girl. Still, a group of guys can chill but our overall energy was low. Read more

Field Report from Sat 11/23/2013

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Last Saturday I went out and recorded 4 hours of in-field footage. This was 4/4 days I went out this week, and I was tired. I was out all week and also during the day, and its raining a bit, and here I am at it again.

As I was walking to the bar I was thinking that “maybe this isn’t worth it?”

But then I realized, it has only been a week and I’ve been here before. I have been avoiding the analysis of my audio because I was afraid of the things I would find, may be too hard for my ego. I banished those thoughts aside and marched on.

I was feeling tired and a bit burned out and realized that this happens when I am not getting the results I want. But it has only been 1 week and I need to re-assess what works and what doesn’t. I have been doing this long enough to know that this is a scientific 20 mile march and the winner is the one that follows the process and records and measures his success and failures.

I do want to have some social events need to balance out cold approach pick up, simply because I am feeling a bit lonely and disconnected from cold approaches. I am going to plan some events this week for social circle and just getting back in touch with my friends. I also need to continue to train my body as well as my mind, staying healthy and working out regularly.

Remember that I am not going to the kill, this is not a results-oriented march, I am after the skill-set. When the skill set is installed, the results will happen automatically.

Re-scheduled call with Psyche for Tuesday, I will follow-up with him and review all my FRs and audios.

FR Pulling, In Bed, Almost 100% Close and Lessons

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Last night I went out again as part of my training with Psych.

I have been getting tips from the guys at Efficient Pickup. They are onto something.

Anyway, I went out with a few of the guys. A lot of emotions since we’re running pull game, there’s a lot of ups and downs and I’m just learning how to deal with it effectively.

I did a few sets nothing really solid. Hit up analog there were cute girls there, did a few number closes but I don’t think those numbers are 100% solid. Alex and I were amogging each other and I think I pissed him off ha. Well he hit on my girl first!

I end up going back to Ivy rooftop, and manage to pull at Hb6/7. She had a great body my type skinny and tall but her face was just ok. I end up back at my place. I was very casual and seeded carefully. However I missed out on comfort. She said she liked Asian guys but I don’t know that much about her. Works here lives in the city and is a vegetarian. I got her home and played movie and we laid on my bed. At this point we were watching to movie I got lazy. I just physically got on top of her and hugged, and she freaked. Usually I would pre-load that with, “hey, its just a hug I want to see if our bodies are compatible”. This time, I just did it. Read more

FR from last night when your friends ditch you, you should…

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Insights today

*It has been a day of etching in lessons (see video at the end for my reference)

(I don’t always have these, but when I am deep out in the field they come to me more often while I am connected to a different frequency of consciousness relating to different types of people)

  • San Diego is a small, friendly town. If I can’t own it here, I don’t deserve to be anywhere else. Not the bay, LA, or NYC.
  • The airport is 15 minutes away from my house. I can still live here and travel consistently.
  • Most foreigners and international students don’t make it here. They end up hanging out with themselves. While most are friendly, 1 of 2 things happen:
    • They accept the fact that they won’t assimilate, and just give up and enjoy what they have
    • They make excuses as to why they cannot assimilate, why Americans are _____ (boring, rude, un-cultured, you name it). When people have to make excuses, they are usually insecure and defensive about something else. You don’t have to make fun of them about it. Just accept it and try to understand them.
    • The 3rd and most unlikely scenario is the foreigner who decides that he or she is going to get what’s hers, and that nothing is going to stop them from doing so. Therefore he assimilates, he makes the effort to understand the culture, and ventures out of his comfort zone to understand the culture to to become one with the culture. This takes strong dedication and most importantly a decision needs to be made. Think Jake from Avatar.

FR from last night:

Most of my FRs are are accompanied by 4 hour soundtracks of audio. I will share those with my training coach, Psych separately. Here is the FR in text.

Last night we hit up Alesso, one of the European DJs that’s making it big in the US as part of the EDM trend. I get a tip about it from my female roommate and decide to go. I thought when she invited me that we were going together, however the European girls had other plans. My other male roommate asked me to get him a ticket, so I did.

Around 7:30pm we head out and the line is huge. Lots of teenagers with fake IDs. Ha. It was pretty funny. I adapt and loosen up my jacket a bit. Time to play young. Good thing I’m Asian and age well.

Female roommate ends up not texting until way later, telling us she and her friend went and “got bored” and left. I just text “lame. you guys have no idea”. I don’t even think they realized that the music that was playing was a pre-cusor to Alleso actually performing. I would used to get upset about these things but tonight I was surprisingly calm. I tell my male roommate we’ll have a good time anyway.

While in line, some girl approaches us and asks for tickets. He engages her in conversation and almost sells the ticket. I look at him incredulously, “wait, you’re ditching me AND selling your ticket to someone else?” He has the courtesy to say, “ok, I’m sorry” and gives me the ticket. But he goes home. I should have known because he always ditches me or the whole crew whenever we go out and we do something that’s slightly out of his comfort zone. I make a mental note to never go out with him again without making secondary plans and move on. Now I had to find someone as a wing. Unfortunately no one could make it out that fast, so I had a decision to make: do I sell my tickets to the people walking around, or do I go in and have fun?

I decide that the worse case was that I go in and didn’t like it. It wasn’t about the money for me. So I roll in and the night begins. Forgive and forget. I realized from previous experiences I can either vent and be burdened by my thoughts of my friends ditching me, or I can move on and have a good time. If those are your two choices, what would you do?

Set 1

I walk up to 2 girls by themselves before I enter the stadium. They are trying to sell their ticket because they can’t get in with their fake IDs. I find out they are 15 and 18. The 15 year old asks me if I know any parties downtown. She seems excited. I banter. Its pretty easy pretty much any line you throw out they laugh I guess they haven’t heard many guys who actually have something interesting to say. Innocence is bliss.

The 15 year old starts saying, “yeah let’s party I’m totally down, so is my friend. Do you know of a house party nearby”

Me: “slow down. Maybe we should exchange names first”

They are completely down. I shouldn’t have talked about age when I asked her she asked me how old I was I said, “guess’. At this point some guys who were buying tickets come up and buy the tickets from the girls. As I am negotiating my tickets thinking I could roll with these two, she asks my age. I answer honestly, “I just turned 30”. As I am talking to the ticket guy I overhear she and her friend talking, “he’s 30!” and eventually walk away. Interesting. Andy (RSD) was right. You have to lie about your age its like they are socially conditioned to not respond to someone above a certain age.

I used to think that brutal honesty was the best policy. I still do, most of the time. But I’ve come to realize that sometimes, you need to make things comfortable for the other person. From a different perspective, brutal honestly is a selfish act. You’re not taking into consideration the other person’s feelings. I very rarely lie in my life up until this point, and people have always considered me very idealistic and naive. But as of late, I realized that to be a gentleman, or a “good person”, telling the truth 100% isn’t always best for my own interest, as well as the interest of others. Read more

Gauntlet 2.0 and Decisions

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Decisions are the key to living a purposeful life. I learned this from reading Tony Robbin’s “Awaken the Giant Within“, a book that I reviewed a long time ago but forgot many of the obvious and yet extremely important principles.

Decision #1: My future is in San Diego, at least for the next year 2014 to 2015. I’ve decided this to be the case. However, I don’t wan to keep the apartment the rent + furniture rentals are too high for my needs. I’ve always lived a low cost lifestyle so I can leverage my savings, and I will continue to do so. Perhaps come April, a few months beforehand I start scouting houses. A nice place near a campus or downtown could ensure good female roommates.

Decision #2: I don’t want to spend 100% of my time in front of a computer, and I do want to work and be in a somewhat “competitive” environment in order to grow stronger. I will continue my online ventures but plan accordingly. Starting 1/1/2014, I will take on a bartender or retail job here in San Diego.

Decision #3: I want a 9 or 10. I want to sleep with them consistently. Whether this will make me happy or not I don’t know, but I need to pursue this goal in order to find the answers for myself. To this extent, I must also be a 9/10 in their eyes, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I want to hold myself to a higher standard of being. While the 9 or 10 is physical for me at the moment, my ultimate desire is to find a 9 or 10 physical looks and inner beauty. I am dead set on this, and I will do everything I can to achieve this. I have bled to become a 9 or 10 myself, and now I will continue to evolve with the strength of my body and bulk up.

Decision #4: I wanted to run an agency, but a modeling agency is most likely to succeed in LA. However, in San Diego, Push Models is here and there are many promotional events (conference, Comic Con). I wanted to run an agency that recognizes a girl’s talent and is able to immerse my business skills with hot girls. The end goal for me = HOT GIRLS + COOL PROFITABLE BUSINESS. I have decided that I don’t need to move to LA to make this happen. I like living in San Diego.

My workout:

Leverage: -$100

Goal: 178lbs without food weight

Workout Plan:

[See KK’s email]

Phase 2, medium weight, perfect form

5 minute running at 6.0 speed

Monday:Chest and Biceps

Bench press incline x 10 x 3

Bicep curl x10 x 3


Bench press x 10 x 3

Another bicep exercise (alternate) x10 x 3

Push ups x 10 x 3

Tuesday: Back and Shoulders

Dead lift x 10 x 3

Shoulder exercise x 10 x 3

Pull down x 10 x 3

Shoulder extensions x 10 x 3

Back extension x 10 x 3

Shoulder lift x 10 x 3

Wednesday: Abs and yoga (stretching)

Sit ups x 30 x 3

Leg ups x 30 x 3

Yoga class x 1

Wed night basketball

Thursday: Legs and abs

Squat x 10 x 3

Sit ups x 20

Leg Extensions x 10 x 3

Cross extension sit ups x 30

Front leg extension x 10 x 3
Back leg extension x 10 x 3

Regular sit ups x 30

My game learning plan

Leverage: -$100

Goal: follow Psych’s exact instructions.

  1. 4x a week FR
  2. at least 2 in field audio files
  3. at least 10 sets per outing
  4.  Approach the hottest girls first unless you have a solid plan to get to her
  5. write all FRs 4x a week

My Honeyplex Web design plan

Leverage: $300


1) finish designs send to designer

2) programmer instructions for framework

3) design the layout and slogan

4) Write content for the site. Figure out what you want to say – we don’t take just any client, only the best, we choose to take you as a client, not the other way around

5) Fun spirited, creative, mobile, agile, adaptable

6) Client E-contract system

7) Re-occurring payment system (monthly)

8) User easy sign up or contact UI – need pricing models, and products they can “add on”. SEO, PPC, Design


Pending: Getting a job I like plan. I am going to hold off on this until 1/1/2014, or until I get the rest of these goals started and on-track