Night Gaming After A Long Work Period

November 26, 2016 by  
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I went out tonight to game with some friends in the pick up scene in SD. I learned something new

Lesson 1: I met these 2 girls, one Latina and one Finnish. They were eating pizza and I went up and said hi and we became friends. The Finnish girl was extremely attractive, and I befriended them and we went to Florent. She was constantly hit on. It was interesting to see how the dynamic worked between the 2 girls. If you are already friends with the girls and you’re sex worthy, its almost impossible for another guy to cold approach and win. Also, the other girl felt competition and jealousy and it was interesting to see how that manifested with her telling me she’s the good one.

Lesson 2: Night game is hard – the jungle – I realized a lesson from the past – if you’re good at night game, and can authentically game AND communicate who you really are, you are really at the top of social dynamics. Cold approach night game – done right, done artistically, is the hardest and most beautiful of all social interactions. Take sex out of the equation, is it the kill or be killed scene. It builds character. It can also change you, and demotivate you. You have to be careful in the jungle, and remember what you true objectives are – to fully develop yourself as a man.

Lesson 3: Let go and have fun. Your work ego wont want you to. It will make you think you’re too cool. Your existing circle will make you not want to embarrass yourself. Take a walk yourself and be alone for a bit, and see the big picture – you’re here to let go, have fun, and interact with the girls and people you ultimately want in your life. So embrace it, one step at a time.

I believe that 1-2 nights week of night game is good for keeping sharp, and the rest social parties, circles and day game builds more authentic relationships. But nothing beats night game – fending for yourself and going for the hunt. That feelings of being out there, alone in the wild has no replacement.