40 Day Income Challenge – Day 1

Goal: $100 a day for myself in revenue.

So, currently have the following revenue numbers per month:

  • PUA Lingo: $350 average (50%)
  • SWS: $750 average (50%)

Total incoming this month: $1100

  • Goal: $3000
  • Missing: $-1900

Ways to do this:

1. Ebook sales

@ $50 per Ebook $25 is mine. That means we need at least 4 copies a day x $25 to make $100 a day. This does not include the advertising revenue we get from PUA Lingo.com.

Currently we get 250 hits a day, 1-2 sales a day. Let us assume 200 views on the sales page = 1 sale. That’s 800-1000 pageviews required to get 4-5 sales a day. Goal should be: 1000 pageviews / day (@ 0.5% conversion), or 30,000 pvs a month.

2. Increasing PUALingo revenue

(Currently at $700 or $350 per month for me). This requires a high increase in traffic, which is unlikely given the keywords are already highly competitive.

3. AdSense Niche Site – $100 a month

4. New Idea – $XXX

It has become clear to me that I need a new idea. Some new project that I am giving a shot in order for me to meet my monthly income goals. I have started reading and seeking out mentors in the information marketing space, and learning about how they built their businesses. Time to take out the pen and pad and continue along the learning curve.


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    1. Good catch :) That's a big difference!

    1. 3000 - 1100 = 1900.

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