40 Day Income Challenge – Day 4

Current run rate:

  1. January ($973.85) – $32.46/day – 50% = $16.23 / day
  2. Goal: $100 / day

  • We got the $200 missing from the client today and credited the account
  • Focused on content creation and put up a cool gallery for Men’s Style site
  • We’re trying social bookmarking stuff like IM Automator but quite honestly I have no idea if this stuff works. We’re just doing it to see for ourselves what the results are. Comments welcome. Apparently they all have a do-follow link back so at least there’s link juice to it?
  • Interestingly, this random blog (White Girls and Asian Guys) made for fun site gets 5 times more traffic for apparently no reason at all. Just shows you that some keywords are entertainment keywords and have no relation to buying traffic. Nonetheless, it is traffic and you have to figure out a way to convert it.

Finished one of my sketches inspired by Charlie. I am starting to see the parallels between artistic sketching and design and web development.You fill in the lines 🙂

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    1. Dude, social bookmarking works :) We've seen results with it on PUA Lingo, which is why we're replicating it with SWS. There are many benefits: 1) Most of the links are dofollow, so more links = more link juice = higher PR. 2) Most of our links so far are to the home page. A natural link profile includes links not just links to the home page, but to the internal pages as well. This helps our inner pages rank better, and shows google that we are a quality site that people are linking to and sharing over social media. 3) The links include good anchor text, which also helps our site rank for those keywords. Bottom line, for a few extra minutes of work you build dozens of keyword-rich links to internal pages for every single post you write. Over time, that's very powerful.

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