40 Day Income Challenge – Day 7

Current run rate:

  1. January ($973.85) – $32.46/day – 50% = $16.23 / day
  2. Goal: $100 / day

  • I spent today making a new recipe for pasta and then working out of a coffee shop with my business partner
  • I’m hard on him but I realize that sometimes I am a dick. Our relationship is sort of weird but in a way its sort of like Kato and whoever that white dude is in The Green Hornet. He knows all the cool SEO stuff and I’m trying to learn this shit but really my strength comes in later on when the company is growing. All I’ve done is consulting work for Fortune 500s and that already huge, and sometimes running a startup is a completely different story.
  • Nonetheless, we got a lot done. Linkbuilding is tough because you don’t see the results right away. Also, its not “energetic” for me. There’s no “momentum”. When I’m speaking to people, or interviewing, I feel “flow” but not in this type of work. I just have to learn to be a little more patient. Another way is to mix up the workload, so I plan on scheduling some interviews about the style product and guest posts soon.
  • I’m leaving for Canada in 2 days so you guys may not hear from me for a week. However I will continue to update this 40 day challenge until the very end. I promise.

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