40 Day Income Challenge – Day 9/10

Current run rate:

  1. January ($973.85) – $32.46/day – 50% = $16.23 / day
  2. Goal: $100 / day

  • In Vancouver. Catching up with emails from my Bro’s computer. The nice thing about PASSIVE income is that there’s no additional work to generate monthly revenue. Most of the emails are re: SEO or outreach efforts.
  • We’ve been getting traction on linkbacks and also, the interviews are gaining exposure for the site. The site itself still needs more content and we’re working on that.
  • My bro thinks I am superman because I stopped a few girls on the street and got them to kiss him on the cheek. LOL. Girls in Vancouver are super nice, although pulling them still takes energy, a strong will and also congruency.  Seeing him makes me happy but I am also surprised at the amount of change that I have gone through compared to him. In a strange way PUAs that succeed change very significantly, versus AFCs who have the tendency to remain the same. We are hunters. We adapt to the situation and challenges makes us stronger. Most people in this world aren’t built this way. When I was younger I get angry at these folks for their lack of ambition and whatnot, but now I just see it as less competition for me.

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