AlphaWolf Introduction

My parents have been married for 25 years. I love my parents very much, and they taught me a lot about what is important in life and as a diplomatic family, how to take risks. One thing that I never learned from them, though, was how to attract the opposite sex. My brother and I were left to figure this out on our own. In many ways, though I was always competent on the social scene, I never enjoyed my share of women until I got out of college.

I created the AlphaWolf persona about 9 months ago. In order to understand the game, I had to create a nickname that matched the person I wanted to become. Alpha represented leadership, authority and someone who broke the normal rules. Wolf is an animal that is both strong and proud, but often likes to be alone.

Since the creation of AlphaWolf, I have progressed significantly in the area of pick up and understanding women. For my posts, read my progression under “alpha_wolf” on the MM forums ( There many reasons for creating an alias in the community, but for me there were 2:

1. An alias protected you from being identified right away from the very revealing and sometimes embarrassing posts aPUAs (aspiring pick up artists) reveal in order to get feedback, critic and insight from fellow PUAs.

2. For me, AlphaWolf was an alter ego, or Id, if you will (See Sigmund Freud for further explanation). It created more drama and Alpha did more things that I could not do. In some strange stage performance way, when Alpha gets rejected it doesn’t hurt as much because I am playing a role. In the beginning, this helped a lot. (As time progressed, the difference between the real R and Alpha grew less apart.)

My first one minute (within meeting to kissing) make out happened in 5 months with a Swedish girl whose name I had forgotten. My score according to getting a girl naked in bed is now 5. However, I have only had a serious relationship with the one of the girls, C who is a older girl I met in the Marina. C is a great girl. She is pretty, first of all. A solid 8. Every time we go out, 4-5 guys attempt an approach on her. She’s very good with her body language, and a good kisser. Our first 3 months together, she always made me feel very comfortable and the sex was really good. As I told C, she’s the first girl I’ve ever had a long-term sexual relationship with.

On the side, I would practice pickup skills. I remember Mobius and I stopping a HB9 Russian girl who was visiting SF and having lunch with her. That was a fun day in SF. We also N-closed 2 random CW network girls who managed to get us on TV. That Sunday was when I realized I had reached the next level of the game. I was good enough to successfully game different kinds of girls with a relatively high success rate (~50%).

Since then, I have gotten numbers here and then, but I let most of them go as I was in a pretty happy relationship with C. However, I am starting to realize that this may not be enough for me. My goal, when I first started (I did write this down exactly): was to have as many sexual relationships with HB 8+ as I possibly could. As you get better and more powerful, you start to realize that the goal is different for different people. For me, if I was happy, I would be satisfied with one really great girl. I really believe this.

Update: How I got into Game
I started going out with Serum, who I consider to be a natural. He always had girls around. One night, we went out to San Francisco and had 3 HB girls with us. Despite the social proof, I approached another really hot girl (whom I considered good looking at the time looking me) with an AFC line, (2 set), “Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude to your friend, but you are really beautiful”. HB: “Thanks, I have a boyfriend”. I had to push myself to do that, because I had never talked to a girl that cute before. But I learned a tough lesson that night. What I know about pickup and women was not doing me any good. That same night, I remember one of my friends Bob talking about “The Game”. I didn’t think much about it, but I ordered the book on Amazon a few weeks later, as I was beginning to search online for what the secret was to dating hot girls.

The game arrived, and I still remember picking it up in my SOMA apartment and then, sitting in front of by Bay bridge view windows, reading it from start to finish. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was so excited. Excited turned to fear as I logged online to at the time the MM Forums and got involved in the Bay area lair. It was here I meant many of my friends and mentors.

Mobius, a salsa instruction/financial superstar from NYC. J, a modest, quiet and very sincere guy who lived in the city. J, another Asian PUA I ran into in a set, Warped, who hosted our first real life meeting in Palo Alto. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Falcon, from Monterey who showed ambition and drive to become better. He was the most analytical of my wings. Stone, from Charisma Arts, a mentor and good friend, among others.

I learned MM first, and the A1-S3 model stuck in my head like the scripture. It was so enlightening. 1.5 years later, I go back and read it and it still blows my mind. Living in the city, I met a lot of other PUAs and went out a lot, and it was here that my game developed from a total AFC loser to having pretty decent skills with women. I consider myself an aspiring PUA since October 2006.

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