April 2011 Income Report

April Net Income: $769.79

Total Business Income: $1539.58

Revenue: + $1641.11

  • 4/27/11 – $267.76 – Product Sales
  • 4/21/11 – $72.80 – Affiliate Sales
  • 4/15/11 – $114.02 – Product Sale
  • 4/15/11 – $243.86 – Affiliate Sales
  • 4/13/11 – $250.00 – Direct Ad Revenue on PUALingo.com
  • 4/4/11 – $411.00 – Ad Revenue on PUALingo.com
  • 4/1/11 – $264.17 – Product Sales
  • 4/1/11 – $14.50 – Affiliate Sales

Expenses:  – $101.53

  • 4/18/11 – $10.00 – puaprofiles.com renewal
  • 4/8/11 – $50.08 – seo blog commenting
  • 4/3/11 – $9.95 – ecover-go
  • 4/3/11 – $31.50 – istockphoto
  1. When you have a business partner, profits get split 50-50. This means that on your own, if you can accomplish this feat, you will earn 2x as much. Be aware of this and the potential of both partners as you go into business. Ideally, you want to be able to have enough revenue to cover everyone’s expenses. This effect multiplies as you add more partners to the mix – the profits get split in more ways. Having a large budget eliminates this issue, and you cashflow out simply becomes wages you pay employees. Learning about “equity” is one of the fundamentals of the startup mentality.
  2. Our margins are huge in this space. 90%. However, finding a way to scale to success of PUA Lingo has been difficult. In particular, time investment in our business has lessened due to me looking for a job and my partner running a full-fledged salsa team. I have no doubt that if we did this full-time and had 100% commitment, we would hit very profitable 10k+ territory within a few months. Although ACP is important to both of us, it just isn’t the MOST important thing in our lives. This is not necessary a bad thing .We enjoy time with friends, and have social lives. But it puts things into perspective as far as business efforts go.
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    1. Of course, with 2 partners, you should be able to accomplish 2x as much. The benefits of two partners can work towards more efficiency, as you can keep check of each other and motivate - working from home on a solo project can be quite boring and easily prone to distraction.


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