Average Age of Losing Virginity by Country

I came across this interesting data graphic online while browsing one of Mystery’s Facebook feeds. You’ll notice that Finland, Sweden and the northern European countries have a younger virgin rate. Next is Brazil and Australia. America, Russia are average at about 18 years.

India and China are the most late, at 23+ years. Isn’t that interesting that most pick-up bootcamp students tend to be Indian or Asian students?average_age_at_first_sex_by_country-1


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    3 Responses to “Average Age of Losing Virginity by Country”
    1. lost mine when i was 14 in sweden

    1. Socialkenny PUA says:

      I'm not surprised that India and China are late bloomers in this sense of getting laid. A step further, I expect conservative towns or nations to be late also.

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