Day 18

Current run rate:

  1. ($2304.26) – $76.81/day, or 50% = $33.40 per day
I didn’t do any work for the business today other than check and maintain emails. For almost all day I was in interviews with companies as I pursued by intent of landing a full time job offer in the area. Tomorrow my business partner and I are heading to Los Angeles so I will be way from Days 19-21 until next Monday.
Something interesting I read in “Authentic Happiness” by the famous Dr. Martin Seligman on the patterns of positive emotions and negative, depressive periods of your life:
While you are coping with tantrums, pouts and whines, it is very easy to overlook the fact that your young children have a lot of positive emotion. Like puppies, little kids are (with exceptions) cute, playful, and sunny… positive emotion, we learned in Chapter 3 from Barbara Fredrickson’s work, has consequences that are broadening, building, and abiding. Unlike negative emotion, which narrows our repertoire to fight the immediate threat, positive emotion advertises growth. Positive emotion emanating from a child is a neon sign that identifies a winning situation for the child and the parent alike…
When a young organism (child, kitten or puppy) experiences negative emotion, it runs for cover – or, if there is no safe familiar location to hide, it freezes in place. Once it feels safe and secure again, it leaves its refuge and ventures out into the world. Evolution has seen to it that when young organisms are safe, they feel positive emotion, and they will reach outward and broaden their resources by exploring and playing.

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