Days 19-21 Seduction Syndicate Learnings

This weekend Casual and I went to LA to visit the Masterminds behind the Seduction Syndicate (henceforth referred to as SS). The SS is a group started by one seduction marketer and now encompasses a large list of online marketers who own dating related websites.

Some of the folks we met this weekend are dating coaches, others are master marketers, SEO experts, content writers, lawyers, among others. We even had a few female coaches and even relationship and sex coaches. Everyone markets their business online in some way and specialize in Affiliate Marketing, Content Development, SEO and running successful and converting online websites.


Seduction Syndicate Meeting

Personal Thoughts

  • Maybe selling is helping and they are the same
  • 90% of people who buy books don’t make it past the first chapter (Tony Robbins) – people just feel good about buying a book because they think its a quick fix solution to the problem. Same is true for ebooks
  • Although these syndicate guys cut corners, they are just understanding and working the system. Is life a system of rules, or are they meant to be broken? Even so, they are doing it via marketing, which means that despite short-cuts, in the end a convincing argument must be made to the costumer to part with his money. Supply and demand are fundamental forces in a capitalistic society. This in itself is better than the survival of the fittest and men killing each other for property.
  • Co-competition can be friendly, people are friendly in general. Socially calibrated folks and high value people have a way of interacting that’s just very genuine, authentic and smooth, despite personality differences.
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