Days 22-23

For the past two days, I stayed mostly in my room working on the marketing plan for our current projects. We were working on implementing our learnings from the syndicate to our current business model. The biggest questions we had to answer were:

1) Create a test for your lead conversion page (squeeze, whatever it is) in Google Website optimizer. Even if you have no idea what to test, at least start some kind of test to get a % you can measure of current performance.

2) Work to optimize that as best you can. (We are optimizing via aweber forms and sign up rates)

3) Simultaneously, create a test for your current sales page. Start with the headline, intro paragraph, and offer. Those are the most important to test. (We are hiring someone to re-write our sales page)

4) Setup a test with your emails by sending them out as broadcasts through Aweber instead of automatically. This will allow you to test open rate and click-throughs. (We’ve setup new autoresponder sequences that we are tracking. Hopefully these will convert better)

At night, I will plan to go out and just practice game. My game has been getting better and now I am approaching 9s and 10s instead of semi-cute girls. More on this in a related post.

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