Days 26 – 40

Income report from March is coming soon. Lesson learned from the job interviewing process is insightful.

In terms of the business, we were able to make some major improvements. The little things in terms of setting up process counts. I have also learned that

  • Large takeover ad for Seducing With Style does work.
  • Weekly face to face meetings sets up process for business. Process is super important for discipline and success.
  • Keeping the momentum going by having weekly to do lists.
  • Staying motivated on the larger picture and agreement on the final goal (financial freedom)

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Recently, I also started looking for a new job. The idea was the find something that I can do well and use the money I make in salary to finance ACP.

I’d like to find something that isn’t as crazy as management consulting or startup hours, but where I can still contribute and learn a lot.




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