Gaming 9s and 10s Series – Part 3: Dealing with Rejection from 9s and 10s

I want to fuck hot chicks…

The truth came out. I can no longer deny my true feelings. Despite my success at the early age of 20, I was, for reasons I could not explain at the time, miserable. I had a very prestigious job at a very prestigious management consulting company, I lived in a comfortable luxury apartment, and I was young and naïve.

young hot couple

Even before I had read The Game I realized that something was missing. How can a guy like me, who followed all the rules, and did everything right, not attract girls? Something didn’t add up. The Game gave me the words to describe the feeling that I had, and this kick-started the long journey into discovering who I really was and how we truly behave as social beings.

Right now, I am still on my journey. Rejection is tough. Especially when it becomes more personal. I remember several instances where a girl who rejected me, and I was out of commission for 2 to 6 months. Thinking back, I wished I would have recovered faster and now with those months of my life doing nothing but going to work following the routine every day. I am going to give you some insights from my mentors at this point in time by helming deal with rejections specifically from nines and tens.

The truth is we take it personally sometimes. How can we not?

Process over outcome

Remember that you’re in this for the long run. The garner the skill that will allow you to develop consistency in game. To a large extent this is more important than the occasional lucky lay.

Life is not all about girls

to keep a 10, you have to be a 10, whatever a “10” means to yourself.

It is ok to take a break

As long as the core reason is not fear alone, it is alright to take time for yourself and learn to be happy without girls. If you are unhappy without girls about your life, a hot girlfriend will not solve that problem. You’re still two independent people, with your own thoughts and perceptions of the world.

You can’t lose something you never had

Remember that you cannot get bad reactions from girls you’re not at least in “comfort” with. These types of girls don’t have any investment in you, and therefore they will flake randomly. Have girls in rotation so that you never focus too much on a cold lead that never closes.

Integrity and Finding Your Own Truth

Certain players or artists will keep going until the girl stops responding. However, I find that not responding after we have at least a comfort connection is a sign of bad character. This standard I have for people extends beyond game, and should reflect part of own personal moral code. As such,

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