March 2012 Income Report

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March Total Profit= $225

AlphaCasual Productions
50% Ownership Revenue= $2000
Expenses = $200
Net profit = $1800

Honeyplex Revenue = $225
Expenses= $1800
Net profit = -$1575

1. As you guys can probably tell if you are an avid reader of mine I am rounding off a bit to avoid all the math and excel stuff which we DO keep on the other side of each business. For the purposes of this income report (general lessons and tracking my progress) I’ll round off to the closest digit.


2. Honeyplex is bleeding expenses for 2 reasons. One, we hosted a party for Resonance Social that cost $700+. Two, linkbuilding costs from last month carried over with $500+. These are the last link building expenses from a previous costly mistake. The error will be corrected this month as link building goes back down to about $30 per month. Resonance Social investment keeps us in the clear socially on the next frontier. I will be working on this fulltime post some other projects, as we make inroads into the social scene, which is what Honeyplex was designed to do from the very beginning.


3. Aside from that, ACP is making bank as PUA Lingo continues to deliver stellar results. Even at 50% equity, it is garnering enough revenue to pay for rent + food. We should follow its business model for another lucrative market.


4. Finding others like you takes time, however when you do, cherish them. When the money starts pouring in, that’s when it becomes difficult to see people’s true motives. Right now, while we are still struggling, is the time to seek out true intentions and true friends.

February 2012 Income Report

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February Total Profit= $1190

AlphaCasual Productions
50% Ownership Revenue= $1700
Expenses = $500
Net profit = $1200

Honeyplex Revenue = $310
Expenses= $320
Net profit = -$10

  • I am using ACP revenue to fund my Honeyplex projects. However in doing so, I am taking some liberty with expenses. Need to be more careful with expenses as if I was only running Honeyplex myself and without a budget. When we started ACP, our budget for expenses was only 200-300 a month. Therefore if forced us to make good decisions on marketing and those decisions are still paying off to this day.

How to Get Out of The Rat Race (For Money or Love Final Part 6)

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If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know me pretty well. And the reason I write these blog post is so that I can be… a huge douchebag. Because really, I can say anything online and it is pretty cool to be blogging about something anonymously. It is sort of like saying what you want publicly without being identified.

Anyway if you are regular reader you will recall my earlier questions of “for money or love” in which you will find my thoughts in written form about my previous struggles for MONEY OR LOVE. Well I figured it out. The truth is, you can’t wish for both things at once, assuming you have neither.

for love or money

The reality is that you need to focus on something specially and MAKE it priority. Read more

January 2012 Income Report

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January Total Profit= $1286.55

AlphaCasual Productions

50% Ownership= $1294.10 profit

January Rev: $3788.20
  • 1/31/12 – $258.66 – Affiliate bootcamp sales
  • 1/31/12 – $300 – Direct Ads
  • 1/31/12 – $9.95 – Affiliate product sales
  • 1/27/12 – $250.00 – direct ads
  • 1/24/12 – $386.45 – Affiliate product sales
  • 1/20/12 – $46 – Affiliate product sales
  • 1/20/12 – $186.30 – Affiliate bootcamp sales
  • 1/18/12 – $115.07 – Clickbank
  • 1/18/12 – $133.26 – seduce with style
  • 1/4/12 – $458.26 – Affiliate product sales
  • 1/4/12 – $761.25 – Clickbank
  • 1/3/12 – $823 – CPC sales
  • 1/3/12 – $60 – Affiliate product sales Read more

December 2011 Income Report

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December Total Profit= $158.48

ACP Business 50% Ownership= $2200.00 / 2 = $1100

  • Direct ad revenue, CPC and affiliate sales from PUA Lingo
Honeyplex Business= $112.75
  • ebook sales
Expenses=  -$1,054.27
  • Linkbuilding budget
  • fiverr gigs
  • odesk and elance projects outsouced
  1. We made bank on PUA Lingo this month, mostly thanks to increased traffic. We’re getting about 7000 visits a day. Posts like this help with organic link bait and referral traffic. It is also the first time we broke $2k / month.
  2. Seduce With Style has taken a hit, with decreased ads on Lingo and also, some affiliates dropping out. I’ve also stopped promoting it regularly as I step into production for SWS 2.0.
  3. Had some ideas pass by about creating an ongoing style technique membership site, and also, the production costs for SWS 2.0 is starting to take its toll, eating into profits this month. Developing a full system / product while working a full time job simply isn’t easy. Weekends need to be sacrificed to make due. At the same time, if you stay home all day and work after the 9-5, you quickly need to release tension by going out. Casual said something interesting at lunch on Friday, “Hm. It’s not that I don’t like work. It’s not bad. It just takes too much time.”

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back. -Harvey MacKay