February 2011 Income Report

February ($2304.26) – $76.81/day

$1152.13 a month for me

Affiliate Sales – $866.79
  • 2/21/11 – $123.20 – SGM
  • 2/10/11 – $70.00 – LS
  • 2/7/11 – $475.09 – GTS
  • 2/6/11 – $198.50 – CYC

Direct Ads – $200

  • 2/8/11 – $200.00

Product Sales – $836.97 + 100%

  • 2/18/11 – $215.93 – seduce with style
  • 2/5/11 – $621.04 – seduce with style

CPC Sales – $400.50

  • 2/3/11 – $400.50 – PUAT CPC

Expenses for February, 2011- $237 (syndicate meeting in LA = $200)

Net Profit = $1152.13 – $237 = $915.13

This month marks a new level of growth for us, breaking $2000 and $1000 each for me and my business partner. That covers my rent! If we can repeat this times 3, we will have $6000 a month and $3000 each. This is enough for my basic rent, food, and other miscellaneous payments.

The growth in revenue is due to a few things:

  • Hitting payout threshold for several affiliates. Other than luck, the affiliates have paid out to us finally as we hit over the $100 payout marks for some of their products running on rotation on PUA Lingo.com.
  • Product sales0 this added almost $1k to our bottom line. The Style ebook is doing well, but it could be doing so much better.
  • We did really well with GTS (not sure where the sales came from – must be from emails) and also from PUAT, CPC. Traffic is at an all time high as we continue to write content and do superior link building work for PUAlingo.com and Seducingwithstyle.com


  • We spent $1000+ on developing the ebook. This is a high quality book and I think it was worth it. However, the ebook sales can be MUCH higher. We are trying to figure out a way to revamp this whole system.
  • After optimizing the sales funnel, we will bring on JVs on board to sell SWS. This will be huge for us. Planning for this begins in March 2011.
  • I think we can do doing more, like launching a new site or building on an existing site in addition to the current tactics we are deploying.

small money change quarters


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    3 Responses to “February 2011 Income Report”
    1. @ Mike: Thanks. Those are our affiliates (other people's products that we promote, either on pualingo.com or on our email list)

    1. Hey, Nice progress. It's great that someone who has started from scratch is making real money on the Internet. The seduce with style website is great. But what do the other websites stand for? SGM, LS etc?

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