Field Report and Realizations in The Game

I was out tonight on a light date and then out with a few of the guys. They all wanted to go out hardcore and pick up, I was more interested in walking around and hanging out. As I was walking home I did a few sets. I had a couple of epiphanies.

1. PU industry is over saturated with products that are repetitive.

There are only a few books you should read to get really good knowledge. The rest of it lies in your ability to systematically practice your social interactions on a consistent basis. If I was advising a newbie, I would recommend:

  • The original Mystery Method handbook
  • The Game, a unbiased account of Style’s journey in the community
  • RSD’s Blueprint Decoded
  • Attend one of RSD’s hotseat events and see in-field footage for yourself. Do this after you have had at least 3-6 months of consistent in-field experience
  • I don’t recommend bootcamps, in fact I think they are over-priced and adrenaline boosting, but you can learn more from hanging out with naturals, or befriend instructions and offer them a lower price but longer period of time training with them. You then start picking up their mindset and way of thinking much faster than if you would on a bootcamp or on your own.

2. RSD is pushing the envelop, but that’s it. Every other pick up company is just here for marketing and here for the short term. I am disappointed at Mystery for his business-sense is lacking. After his initial breakthrough he wasn’t able to ride the wave towards more innovation and build a sustainable organisation. Perhaps his fate is to be the mad scientist or magician.

3. Normal life vs. pick up life…

Normal life is a lot different than a PU life. Normal guys don’t approach girls on the street, they drink, etc. Our existence is philosophically and fundamentally different than most.

4. The power of eye contact (glamour) hypnotic effect

I have been practicing a smooth energy projection technique and better, more paused eye contact. You can get great examples from the vampires in True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. Once mastered, you can almost put a girl in a hypnotic state just by looking at her with intent, and projecting a “I want you” energy. This is how Owen was able to get kiss closes fast when I saw him in Miami.

5. Time to put ex GF behind me. She’s confused, not me.

Honestly I love her and I always will, but she confuses me. I give her too much leeway. The last time she was confused, I let her text me, contact me twice. Then I called her. On the call she said we can never be together. Now, again, she’s texting me. Her father is sick and she needs the support. While I am there to give it to her (support), I cannot be thinking about her all the time when dating new people. It is time to MOVE ON. She made the decision to leave me, and I chased her, twice. I told her that I would not chase her if she left again, and I can’t be suffering because of her own confusion about what she wants. At the end,  I want a girl who I want and who knows that she wants me. No doubt, no questions. Just pure love and commitment. So, time to take the next step.

6. Creating an ecosystem of hot girls – cold approach, online dating based on your lifestyle that reflects your intrinsic values

This is important. PU can grant us hot girls but creating a sustainable ecosystem takes more work than just cold approaching every night. Everything you do should be in sync. Many of us talk about this, but few put it to the test. The truth is that I need to establish a sustainable online business first, then, funnel the extra income into a model industry business or career. There is no other shortcut for what I have set out to do.

7. Having the balls to do this you don’t like to get to your goal

I don’t particularly like web design for lawyers, but this is my project now. I need to see it through.

8. The weekends can be leverage for work when necessary

Don’t be afraid to treat a Sat or Sun as a workday, most people don’t.

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