Field Report from Sat 11/23/2013

Last Saturday I went out and recorded 4 hours of in-field footage. This was 4/4 days I went out this week, and I was tired. I was out all week and also during the day, and its raining a bit, and here I am at it again.

As I was walking to the bar I was thinking that “maybe this isn’t worth it?”

But then I realized, it has only been a week and I’ve been here before. I have been avoiding the analysis of my audio because I was afraid of the things I would find, may be too hard for my ego. I banished those thoughts aside and marched on.

I was feeling tired and a bit burned out and realized that this happens when I am not getting the results I want. But it has only been 1 week and I need to re-assess what works and what doesn’t. I have been doing this long enough to know that this is a scientific 20 mile march and the winner is the one that follows the process and records and measures his success and failures.

I do want to have some social events need to balance out cold approach pick up, simply because I am feeling a bit lonely and disconnected from cold approaches. I am going to plan some events this week for social circle and just getting back in touch with my friends. I also need to continue to train my body as well as my mind, staying healthy and working out regularly.

Remember that I am not going to the kill, this is not a results-oriented march, I am after the skill-set. When the skill set is installed, the results will happen automatically.

Re-scheduled call with Psyche for Tuesday, I will follow-up with him and review all my FRs and audios.

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