FR 1/11/2014

Per Psych’s instructions I am writing this FR before I goto sleep. It is late but the lessons are important and I see now why we need to write it right away instead of waiting even a day because memory won’t serve us as well.

I was invited out by a friend tonight. I wanted to stay in and work, but I put on my beanie and scarf and went out. We hit up a few sets on the way, nothing major. At Bang Bang, I opened a few girls and they were DTF. 1 was married, and the other was DTF. I seeded threesome (2 guys) as a joke, and she was actually in, which was interesting. My wing J was onto her right away. He liked her. He’s not used to night game so I left him have that one, even though I opened the set. I grabbed the married girl and gave them 15 min. Afterward she came back and I did too and we realized that they did not exchanged numbers so I closed her. But we failed her shit tests. She gave me her number and told me to call her later. I hugged and lifted her. I realized this only works with girls that already like you, if they don’t they find it annoying. Her reaction wasn’t great, so I left it at that. 2 texts are no reply. “its rich”. “afterparty, bassment”

Note: married girl had no game, was kind of annoying to talk to, until she dropped the act. Questions like “where are you from, do you come here often”. She sucked at flirting. After about 5 min when I was talking to the real her, it was a lot better, but most people don’t have anything interesting to say.

We fucked up a set that was DTF I think. J’s not so good at pushing for a close at night, and I need more coordination with him about choosing girls.

A few married girls, nothing came out of it.

We run into 3 swedish girls who we bounce to Stage, we dance and they are down, but after a bit they lost interest, and left without telling us. I think I lost the set. I’m not sure what went wrong here. I think I was too needy? Not sure. Anyway they decided to leave. I run into them talking to some other guys on the street later. They were DTF and we messed up. I also switched from hot blonde to brunette who was talking to me in the beginning. I should have stuck with 1 girl instead of bouncing back and forth. Just go for the girl that you’re most attracted to, and be a man about it. If you get blown out so be it. When going for the close, sometimes you cannot play it safe. Lost that set, totally on me. J was a great wing.

J meets a girlfriend of his and I leave him be. I thought about going home. No, what would Tyler do? I kept doing. “3 more sets” I said. I ended up going back to Bang Bang. Opened a bunch of girls. Some stuck, some didn’t. Opened girls on the street. Going it alone is tough, but after a few sets I was feeling it again. I opened a hot blonde walking. She’s resistant, and I am persistent. False time constraint applies to walks too, “I can only walk a block with you and then I have to go the other way”. We end up talking on the sidewalk for 20 min, she’s very smart and didn’t like the night scene – and the guys hollering at her. These are the types of girls I like.

Anyway, I made this mistake of talking too fast in the end. Beginning to Mid I was slow and kept the power balance. Like, “let’s see what you’ve got”. Later on, I talked too fast, went for 2 hugs, and the 2nd hug she pity patted me. Fuck. We arranged a tea date in the morning 1030 but I think I fucked it up in the end. Also I asked her to pick me up, girls don’t like doing that. That’s something my friends do for me. Girls like to meet me somewhere, or have guys pick them up.

I’ll text her around 11am non-needy “hey we’re at XXX at the market”, but I’m not sure. I think this one may flake because of my neediness towards the end of the set.

Lessons Learned

  • I worked on my voice and energy today. Voice tonality, energy level, and straight back are CONSTANT exercises I need to work on. All the time.
  • A HUGE sticking point of mine is laziness – lacking the conviction to take the energy to the max level. ALL OUT> YES! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!?! I’M AWESOME! I’m afraid to break completely free. So I make up excuses as to why people look stupid when they are free, when in fact I am the one that’s trapped in my own head. Need to be un-stifled.
  • Wing and I need to work on pulling DTF girls and passing their inevitable shit tests. I should also claim my territory early on, “hey, she’s mine” and not be afraid to do that, consistently.
  • I need to be less needy and remain calm when I meet hot, tall blondes who are nice girls. Yes, that’s my ideal, but I can’t just fold like a chair.
  • Tonight, I was rusty. Haven’t gone out night-gaming in a while. Psych is right. To significantly improve at this level, I need to go out like 3-4 nights a week, in a row. Its hard to make fundamental shifts in my game unless there’s this type of consistency. I have noticed that my voice pitch, and just stepping the pedal harder with me energy level and voice tonalities, have significantly increased my emotional range and ability to entertain and hook sets.


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