FR 11/29/2013

Set 1 – banter on the street

I opened a young girl as a warm up set, she’s 19 and we chatted for a big .She has a boyfriend of 3 years. Cute. I gave her a hug. I hugged another blonde and we stopped them at the light for a  bit, then I lost them when I said something, her friend pulled her away. I lost the friend I should listen to the audio again to see what I said (*AUDIO NOTE)

Set 2 – group set, asshole nice guy, annoying girls, hot but stupid drunk blondes

I opened a girl who gave me a rose. I held the rose and for the rest of the night got opened by girls about it. Great prop. We talk to some dumb blondes who were exactly my type, super skinny and hot faces. The guy they were with was annoying, he would jump in and interrupt and pretend to be nice, but actually was passively aggressive. I asked him who his girlfriend was and he pointed. The 2 hot blondes were obviously drunk, they had these dead eyes and couldn’t even speak properly. I end up gaming the less attractive brunette, but the guy was just being really annoying and interrupting. Y winged me for a bit, which kept him busy, but they soon got confrontational, and I decided it wasn’t worth it. I was getting annoyed the group wasn’t that interesting and both the blondes had serious boyfriends. I did learn though that sometimes overzealous guys will try to cockblock you, if you want the girl, you have to go for it.

Set 3 – Girl on the street from Arizona. Sort of, I’m kind of seeing someone. Not serious. (I keep getting this – Psych, why do girls say that?) *QUESTION FOR PSCYHE*

Set 4 – 3 set merged groups, 1 really hot Asian girl, 1 ok Mexican girl

This group was amazingly chill and awesome. The Mexican girl was drunk but very friendly, the guy was super chill, and the Asian girl was actually very honest and down to earth. I got her number and am going to friend her if things don’t get sexual. Otherwise, we chilled for 45 minutes and it was really a good time. I end up going home after since I have A staying with me and he’s a natural with a girlfriend, and we wanted a chill night.

End of night | Audio File Breakdown

What I learned

  1. When done right, an interaction with me is fun, engaging, and ENTERTAINING! People walk away thinking, “wow that was really fun”, regardless of her relationship status

What I did right

What I did wrong

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