FR 1/16/2014 Stripper Game

Almost pulled a stripper and her friend today.

There were many sets that went very well and banter was good, got 1-2 numbers but the crowed tonight was scarce and clicky.

I was going home on my own and I decide to hit one more bar. I run into stripper girl, and her friend. Immediately the vibe was on, so we hit it off. I played it cool and danced with them and we hung out. Stripper girl has ADD, and also emotional mood swings. She dances with me and uses her stripper moves. Interesting. Then I said, “sorry I don’t have any dollar bills” and she responds badly and goes to talk to a black guy. Yes it was a controversial thing to say but I think she mood swings anyway that’s how her mind works. Later on she hates him, then loves him again. Mystery mentioned the emotional seesaw of strippers in his field reports of the past, I just remained calm and eventually we walkout out, stripper, slightly fat blonde (with cute face) and me. I madeout with the blonde earlier she sort of kissed me. She liked the stripper too though so it was a threeway.

We bounced thank God to Bub’s that was still open, and they goto the bathroom for a long time. I talk to 2 other girls. They come back, we hang out for a long time.

At this point I am in new territory and learning every second. It is exciting and exhilarating.

Stripper: Ok we’re cool

Me: Shake on it

Stripper: You’re cool

Me: “We can hang”

Friend: “we have to go, I promise we’ll hang again soon just not tonight”

Me: “yeah, I live a few blocks away, I’m new the apartment is too big for me so I have guests stay over, I get bored on my own”

Stripper: “you have your own room?”

Me: “yeah”

Stripper: “do you have a pool”

Me: “yeah”

Friend: “of course he does he lives at ______”

Stripper: “I wanna go!”

Me: “let’s go”

Friend: “no… I can’t.. .I left my keys at… I have to wake up early

Stripper starts crying, “it’s always about you…”

Friend tires to calm her down. At this point stripper is pushing her away, and then she’s relentless, in her face. Emotional spiking with girl talk, then hugging her again. This whole time I keep my legs in between them and watch and try to just chill. I realized now that friend was gaming the stripper (they just met a few times) and she LIKEs her. Heh. We’re competing.

Stripper wants to go home with me, but friend is relentless – no! You’re with me.

I try to remain calm but perhaps I should have had more emotional control, “can’t you go home in the morning?”

Everything I said was a logical response to her things.

But, Friend was gaming her emotionally

Eventually the stripper says, “no, I trust her more, no offense”

Stripper turns to me and says, “she thinks you want to have a threesome, not watch us do it. Which is it?”

I pause and remain icy, “either way, I just wanted to hang”

She nods and seems to agree. But, this was a trick too, the blonde was trying to get her to NOT go home with me, instead with her, by saying I just wanted a random threesome. It didn’t work, but it started planting seeds in her head.

But the friend is still relentless. Hugs her, and starts whispering in her ear. It is pretty amazing to watch how girls can emotionally spike themselves and others.

Friend, “sorry some other time”

Stripper: “yeah”

I walk them to the cab and I hug both. Stripper: “I thought you liked her”

Me:” I like you both, good energy”

K friend gets in the cab, I try to stall and say maybe I can drive her

The score was already set and the battle was lost

I tried one last time “Hey K, wait. How big is you bed?” She smiles, “Queen”

I try to get in the cab, she seems to like it until stripper screamed, “no get away you’re so annoying!”

I smile and let them leave.

I don’t think I’ll see either one again, but what a great lesson.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t give up on strippers, they have emotional seesaws like you’ve never seen before. Some really hot girls do this too. A black guy held her down, and really controlled her. That’s what they are looking for. He got her number but I left with them after the first bar
  • Pick a target, and STICK to it. I should have focused on the stripper, when she went to talk to the black guy I should have stayed with her, its all a test.
  • I could have pulled the friend alone but she wasn’t that cute.
  • I also probably could have pulled the stripper in the beginning, but she would have given me shit test after shit test, super emotional. The trick is to not respond. And bull-doze forward. What a great lesson
  • Emotionally spike her. Change her state and emotion, not her logical mind.
  • I lost the pull finally to the blonde friend, I should have battled it out, and been more dynamic. I was the laid back, cool guy, and that was my character. It was cool and very alpha, but it did not give me emotional leverage and versatility in the game. I need to be more animated, and have a deeper EMOTIONAL connection, rather than too much logic.
  • The stripper was a solid 10, her body was sick
  • I realized when I massaged her, the friend was massaging her too and competing with me, I was better at it (trigger point) and so she pulled out her camera and took pictures. She was gaming her! I thought she was on my side, but she switched sides. I won with the private room and pool, but she out-gamed me with emotional rapport and trickery. It was clever. I didn’t even realize that until just now!
  • Instead of being too cool, I should have taken matters into my own hands, and established a rapport with the stripper, and recognized the the friend was no longer my ally in the threesome, she was going in for herself! I should have gamed harder on the stripper. She first took a pic of me and her, then switched of her and her. It was so clever. Girl stuff. Girl game.
  • During the night as it goes on, anyone or anything can turn on you. It is your job as a man to recognize or perhaps even foresee this, and adapt according to the rules of the game. Winner takes all. Loser goes home alone. I didn’t make the rules, just playing by them.
  • I should have battled it out with the blonde, I remained calm but I had no idea what she was doing and she totally out-gamed me. Clever.
  • When I asked for her number, she hesitated. I then pushed her phone. Strippers are hyper examples of female emotions. She wants to decline you, and have a man just take over. Completely, own, her, take over and dictate the terms of the relationship and how its going to be. Blonde friend did that, I did not, I played it “cool” and lost 🙂 It was a great lesson in field.
  • There is no substitute for pushing yourself hard in field, and going where you have never gone before.
  • I should have set the tone and command – hey, blondie, we love you, you can come with us if you want, otherwise, its too inconvenient. Easy words. TROUBLE. FUN Me. You. Keys. Trouble. Fun. Close. Comfy Bed. Me. That’s how I should have gamed.
  • Strippers and highly emotional hot girls are like little girls, you have to take control, and talk to them like you are their best friend, and like you know what’s best for them. Ignore her emotional mood swings – they dont effect you, just like a little girls tantrums don’t affect you.
  • Blonde kept apologizing like 3 times, knowing she stole stripper and potential threesome from .e
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