FR 1/19/2014

Too tired, was at a fashion show then downtown out “gaming”, super tired. Was sick today but decided to go out anyway, I feel ok now.

Lots of sets. Just remember tall blonde who was stunning, got her number should have escalated more or qualified more. HB 9 brunette super stupid and annoying, tried to game. Worked when I got another hot girl to come into set with me and it went pretty well, got a number but she was probably the most stupid girl I’ve talked to in a while, still hot though so B and I just wanted to see how hard and far we could push it.

Still not getting 9s and 10s who don’t show me 100% interest. Ideally its DHV and value up the roof, and from there its a3 qualification onto comfort, but it doesn’t always work that way. MM also assumes 7+ hours, whereas sometimes we want to pull same night, which means we need girls who are already “Down” and in that mode, sometimes you need to look for bars that have that… its not longer the Ivy so we need to re-think our strategy.

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