FR 12/14/2013

Out with 2 wings, A and J. I was tired, and only did a few sets. Remember bumping into a girl I was dating and she was doting off on another guy. I didn’t react too much but even when I said goodbye she looked aloof. That sucked. I was talking to her friend and she was DTF. However, I knew that I didn’t want to. I wasn’t clear on my thinking then, but I realized I don’t need validation from taking another girl’s number to justify to myself that I’m worth it. I think she messes around with different guys (cougar) and she’s just cool about that, so if we meet again just keep it light hearted and fun.

Another 2 set went well with au pairs but we could not pull, so just number closed instead. I’m not sure the numbers are solid.

I started thinking, if someone was naturally gifted they wouldn’t have to try to get girls. So the whole getting girls thing is just for guys who need it, right?

In other words, we have to be so good as to appear like we’re not even trying at all. This is a paradox.

I then remembered that some of the models I know actually started out as ugly ducklings. They worked hard for their looks and on their image, and eventually became top models. In a way we all have to work for it. So the game begins.

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