FR at Typhoon Taco Tuesday

In the beginning, I was afraid. The scene at Typhoon was chill and there were a lot of social circles. The guys only came in later without girls. Around 9:30 at night the sound amps up and things get moving. Girls are dancing, drinks are filled, etc. I again spent $5 on cover and gas as my expenses.

You can get over the fear by relying on your social circle and friends, or you can figure out how to always depend on yourself and have confidence in your own presence and move forward in life. I chose the latter. Some of the guys that came later went super hard and we were able to do some damage.

My first set was super cool, 5 girls 4 from Sweden. One of the blondes is perfectly my type. I hooked, Jesse came in, and we had a good time. I knew I couldn’t break them it was too early in the night so I left on a high note.

We will re-engage the girls later on in the night and I get the brunettes number. However, the blonde I meet again and I kiss her gently. She’s down. But I remembered she had a boyfriend, and I said goodbye. I regretted this. I should have gotten her number and hung out with her today or tomorrow, before she left on Friday. She was wearing very little clothing and was hot, and she had those big anime eyes when she looked at me. The pain of kicking myself in the foot will remind me of this lesson. Go for the close.

In the beginning we had a group of guys and it was too chill, more group vibe. And we only had 1 girl. Still, a group of guys can chill but our overall energy was low.

Lots of social circles, lots of foreign students.

I got some good solid numbers but pulling was very difficult, most girls came in groups. Nonetheless most of the guys were chill and we got to know some of the girls. We’ll see if the numbers flake or not.

I spoke slower this time (listen to audio) and also rehearsed Mystery’s lines. They work. It is like a timed bomb that always gets laughter. I don’t use negs but I will be playful and throw out a pebble or one-liner.

Made solid eye contact, this helped a lot in my sets. More intense and chill eye contact like a seducer helps.

I ended up pulling 2 girls in the car, maybe could have closed Milken but was with my roommate Vicky, I did use her as a pivot too so it goes both ways, and she is a friend. Sometimes friends come before just closing a girl. I think I could have closed Milken and I amogged Jonas for her, that was pretty funny. Anyway,  I look forward to listening to the audio file soon and breaking it down more.

End of night | Audio File Breakdown

What I learned

  1. Isolate the girl from her group and go for the close, find out her logistics and don’t be afraid to push for it. You won’t know otherwise, remember it is the skill NOT the girl. Learn to fish, don’t buy fish everyday
  2. I have a 7 week training run with Psych. So, I HAVE TO go out 4x a week and do 40 sets and record everything. There are MUCH easier ways to meet girls, however this is the path I have chosen and I need to have the discipline to stick to it. After this training my cold approach skills will get much better.

What I did right

  1. Spoke more slowly, more clearly
  2. “I like you too” Statement of intent
  3. Tested Mystery’s gambits and it works (you guys make the exact same facial expressions)
  4. Better voice pronounciation – still needs more work
  5. I negged and IODs Shannon really well, she was giving me lots of shit tests and I was rocking it in the middle of the night. I passed with flying colors. “Say I love you”, “Say call me”. All Julien’s stuff.
  6. I qualified Sam (What do you have going for you besides your looks, smart, studious, easy personality) she lives in pb.

What I did wrong

  1. Sometimes the girl is responding but doesn’t speak English that well, I just keep ploughing. What else should I do?
  2. I am asking them too many questions, although it was a big group
  3. Even MORE Inflexion OH MY GOD. WHATEVER! Expression
  4. If you neg, neg her. Stick to it, don’t put up and give her an exit. Learn to be icy.
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