FR Date: The Chodes Are Back

I went on date today with a decently cute girl. She’s Spanish. Very socially uncalibrated but sweet. Going through downtown I saw tons of hotties but decided to give her a chance. At the last minute she hesitated and I sent her home. Not to be unexpected, she has only been with 1 other guy so I’m not upset or anything. What did annoy me was she kept on complimenting and apologizing after and making a big deal of it. She’s just too innocent for me. I realized that she’s not that much younger than me, and that had I kept going to “normal” route, I would be an uncalibrated social disaster in the guy version. At least girls have some options of guys saying hi and coming up to them.

Tonight. DT SD is back. TONS of hotties. And TONS of dudes. I was a seersucker and literally a wall of death of guys standing there with their drinks. On nights like this, we approached 3 hot blondes and one of them was like “see, there you go”. “Are you guys fishing?”, I asked and they started laughing. Over the last 2-3 weeks actually since thanksgiving the people that goto clubs are 1) hardcore club girls 2) guys looking to get laid 3) guys and girls in the industry. Now, everyone is out. Normal girls are out. This is good, because it gives me an opportunity to meet a wider range of girls.

There are tons of hotties now, evening out the chode level. The guys that really know what they are doing are still there, but now that the club scene is back after holiday season, the average ratio is:


20% fuglies

20% fuckable

30% hotties

20% ultra hotties

10% 9s and 10s.


10% guys who are cool in the industry or very socially calibrated

30% guys who are trying hard who are not in the industry, but may know a bit about what they are doing

10% PUAs / guys trying to get good at this

50% chodes who have no idea what to do

So in a way it balances out. Now I can  go out downtown and pull a girl because there are so many hotties back on the circuit. My goal, though, as always, is to perfect my skill-set and find love. I just dropped off my date. She’s too innocent and I told her, “you should think about what you want”. I don’t think we will see each other again, unless she calls me up again. I was very clear about the type of guy I am and she’s not socially calibrated enough for me to be a significant other.

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    1. Good to see you actively posting still as I am. Many seduction blogs, blogs in general, die pretty fast within 3 months as far as my research tells me. Keep it up VL!

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