FR in Scottsdale AZ 1/25/2014

Last night was pretty epic as we hit up Mill Ave down near ASU in Phoenix, AZ. Like everyone said, there is a disproportionate amount of females to men here, and a lot of the girls are pretty on point with their bodies and style. In short, there are tons of hotties in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Sometime after dinner I took a personal break and realized my sticking points. They were the same as before. It is amazing how we go about life with blind spots about how to do something effectively. But when you throw in the measurement tools, you start seeing patterns from actual scientific data. I was talking too fast. I can see girls eyes and that little twinkle when I first approach, and then have it slowly die off as I talk. So, slow down your speech, take your time. Be PRESENT in the moment and take your time when meeting new people, and experience everything.

There were a few amazing sets after that, and I realized what I was doing wrong the whole time.

Game is game, like anywhere else. Hotter girls are generally going to have a little more value and your margin of error will be a little lower, as always.

If you find yourself stuck after approaching 20+ sets, something you are doing is turning them off. Either get a voice recorder, have a friend video tape, or ask a coach. 99% of the time, it is something you are doing that you are not aware of that’s turning the girl off.

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