FR Stingaree 2/1/2014

I was in a bad mood and I got out of it with some help from friends. I was feeling annoying when I am working on business stuff with a singular focus and I start resenting anyone who cannot help me get to where I want to go. Anyway tonight I learned a lot from Jared and also implemented a lot of things right.

1. I spoke slowly and more confidently

2. I made eye contact – this made a HUGE difference in my interactions. I would look at a girl directly. I need to sexualize this more right now they laugh or just stare back, but I need to project the “I want you” energy vibe.

3. I made some escalations that the girls did not reject. Holding hands, putting my left in between their leg, patting her on the ass from behind

4. In one set, with my Macedonian wing we had 2 super tough girls. The tipping point came when I said, “I’m not into your type honey, no offense. I’m from San Francisco”. She slipped at that point and became interested. They were drunk, stupid girls but I realized that game was implemented correctly and from that point on, she started asking me questions and chasing me. It was a active disqualifier done right!

5. I almost pulled a hottie but she found her friends. Need to play the audio back for Jared to see what else I could have done, if anytihng

Jared Psych on Sexual Escalation:

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