FR Wed PB 1/16/2014

I arrived at 10pm to pacific beach and the scene was already happening. Tavern was good and the taco bars in between that and Garnett Ave has some cuties. I wandered to Shore Club and I saw lots of girls head in. I was right. I waited on the beach and meditated for a bit, thinking about what Angel said today. Was his view of the world right? Am I being too soft? Am I viewing a world that is unrealistic and more animalistic than we think?

After meditating at the beach I felt calm, unlike before, when my mind was cluttered. I walked into Shore Club and hung out. Some guy said “nice jacket”,  I said, thanks. Its nice to know that these kids are just young and not all of them are douchebags. Actually, I met some genuinely nice guys tonight, for the most part. I walk out and see Angel, when we walk in again,  I was ready and hitting sets.

First set was so-so, just said hi to warm up. Another set the girl rubbed moisturizer on my hands and I said, “you’re rubbing me the wrong way” (One of my soundbites from Psych’s homework). She laughs and immediately her eyes glow, asks for my name. 5 seconds later her boyfriend pulls her away.

3rd Set was a beautiful girl from NY. I didn’t think she was super hot at first, but later on I realized she was the hottest girl there. Beautiful, tall brunette, fashionable too. I chattered her up and her friends. She seemed friendly. I mentioned fashion, and she became more interested. Invited her to a fashion show, she’s in. Girls are vain in a way. I wasn’t lying either. “You have a good height, a good look. Style is not bad. But you gotta dress up though, there will be photographers and modeling people there”. This is an easy in and most girls who get validation through their looks are just more into it  because they want to be discovered. In any case, I end it well and I see her later and said hi.

A few other sets in between went ok, some of the girls reject harshly, ignoring you or shaking their head. You don’t get that downtown. PB girls are random, the ugliest girl can be the meanest, and yet the prettiest girls are sometimes nice. Sometimes, a super hot girl is a complete bitch too. You just never know until you talk to them, so because you can’t always judge a book by its cover, never take it too personally.

A beautiful girl with pink lipstick stood out. I said hi. She’s with 5 guys. I just bantered. I forgot what I said, something like, “wow you’re really popular, all these guys around you”. She confesses, one of them is her new roommate, she just moved here last week, and is new. I understood that all these guys are orbiters and trying to fuck her. They were giving me the evil eye. I just smiled and said “what’sup” and shook their hands. None of them had any game so no one amogged me. Turns out they are from MA too, and I chatted for a bit.

My girl is super down, and new in town, and willing to meet new friends. I seeded the fashion party. “I’m so down”, she says. She looks a bit tipsy so I qualify hard. “what’s my name?”

Me: “Say, ‘I’m Allie and im awesome”

HB “Im Allie and Im awesome!”

Me: “Say I’m awesome”

HB: “[my real name] is awesome!”

Me: “Say ‘call me'”

HB: “Call me!” haha

Me: “Say I love you”

HB: “I love you”

Me: “Aww I love you too sweetie.”

I end with number and later I see her, again next to 6-7 dudes and she extends her hand out. I grab it and we dance a bit. I kiss her on the cheek, and left it at that to look for my wings.

There were a few other sets. One at a bar that was pretty cool with her boss and co-worker. I got her FB and she says, “ill definitely message you later'”. That was solo game, and I went in straight as I got into the bar and opened a set, then moved to them. I did well. Starting to get my groove back. Need to listen to the audio again.

Psych was right about 3 things / What I learned tonight

1) My vocal projection and expressiveness needs to improve, a lot. Oratory skills

2) I need to have sound bites, that just work every time

3) I need to NOT be afraid to physically escalate, even when there is some discomfort, as long as I can lead properly. Not everything is 100% smooth all the time like it is in my head. For example, I should have tried to close Rachel the first date.

I learned:

  1. My vocal projection and expressiveness, the more it improves, the more I’m getting reactions and results. This is directly correlated to game.
  2. I am getting used to approaching 9s and 10s, and it is FUN. I feel like I was MEANT to do this. Everytime I do, and there’s an interaction, I feel ALIVE. Like this was what I was meant to do with my life.
  3. PB guys are not so bad, they’re just younger and better looking. Some are assholes, some are nice. On weekends, because of the chaos, the social energy field is more aggressive, and the alcohol brings out the worst. For the most part, these guys are regular dudes with stories so don’t let the few bad apples draw the whole picture of the farm.
  4. Super hot girls can be nice or bitchy, depending on their personality. You can tell by their facial expressions a little insight into how they think, what emotions they feel. Bitchy girls tend to have sour faces, and have judgmental frowns. She thinks she’s too good. Nice beautiful girls generally have a calm gaze / smile. She’s polite, but she’ll reject you still. She may be nice about it like, “no thanks I’m not interested”, but it always feels better than a bitchy rejection like ignoring someone. I just think that’s so rude, to turn away. In any case, none of this shit matters, it shouldn’t phase you. She has NO power over how you feel about yourself. But, always try 9s and 10s, you never know. All you need is 1.
  5. What I learned from Angel: Even if the girl seems a bit weary or uncomfortable, if she’s not stopping you, she may eventually like it, or doesn’t want to admit she likes it. Push until rejected, while you’re learning escalation, otherwise you will never know where the line is until you TRY.
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