Gaming 9s and 10s Series – Part 1: Defining a “9 or 10”

For the last month, I have been actively going out and gaming 9s and 10s. I share my secrets with you here in this “Gaming 9s and 10s” Blog Series.

First of all, What is a 9 or 10?

A 9 or 10 is usually the hottest girls in a particular area. She’s genetically gifted, and also has the style and beauty routines to match her natural looks. She knows how to flirt and leverage her natural gifts to the best of her abilities. She always looks calm and gorgeous in public places.

In the world of humans now in 2011, a 10 to me would be someone like Adriana Lima. Obviously, any Victoria’s Secret model would be in high demand. So my scale really is a little bit lower. Let’s scale it back to the average population of a major city like San Francisco.


For the most part, a 10 to me is someone who has very high replication value and long term compatibility with me. For non-girlfriend material, she just has to be easy to get along with and have an overall positive outlook on life.

So let me share with you the important game lessons I have learned gaming 9s and 10s that will help you speed up your development curve:

First, my current definition of “9s and 10s”. I do have a slight preference towards blondes. I’m not sure why, but that’s just what I am naturally attracted to. Here’s an example:


Now, the plastics, despite haters still get guys. They do this because they are hitting our male triggers for sexual replication cues via plastic surgery:


To me, this girl would qualify as a 7 or 8, depending on her personality. Depending on the bar, she could be a 10 in a bar of other girls who aren’t as hot. Now, keep in mind, I live in Silicon Valley, and as such, the overall standard of beauty here is relatively low. Thus, a 9 or 10 here is probably an 8 somewhere else. Nonetheless, they are the hottest girls that are currently available within the given population pool. So when I say 9 or 10, I don’t mean 9 or 10 of the whole entertainment and modeling world. I am talking about the 9s and 10s in my local area. An example of a 9 college girl nearby may look like:

college girl kayla

How to Satisfy Your Desires: First, How Big is Your Flame?

To me, the ability to date, keep and get girls of this caliber is my goal. The option and freedom to have hot girls as my girlfriend whenever I want to. The out compete the other guys who are going after the same girls. I’m not crazy about any particular female celebrity. I just want a hot girlfriend who has all the personalities that match mine. And I don’t want to ever feel like I could do better or that I could get a hotter girl. I want her to be, in my mind, the ideal creation of a perfect female specimen from God.

So, DJ Fuji told me to approach 9s and 10s only, because the unicorn isn’t so special up close. Standing next to it, it is simply a horse with a horn near its nose area. The fear of approaching a 9 or 10 for me was at first immense. But it wasn’t more than the fear of me approaching girls when I first started game 4 years ago. Rather, the “rejection” and the experience of “losing a 9 or 10” is the toughest part. Each one made me feel like there was something about me that wasn’t good enough. So, I could go through a 9 or 10 every 6 months, and then I wouldn’t go after any more. This is a dangerous play because it makes you think that these girls are rare and that you need to be superhuman to get them. This simply isn’t true and if you accept this reality, your world will become the same one that most average guys perceive it to be.

Flinch Points

I talked about Flinch Points on PUA Lingo as a definition. Basically, it is the micro-expressions that give away a person’s true feelings or intentions about a certain situation. We all have it. Even the best liars in the world have it, although their conscious controls can override a lot of these automatic behavior patterns.

When you start approaching enough 9s and 10s, you will begin to develop abundance mentality at a new level. Suddenly, the girls that were once considered “super hot” are common, and they are no longer the unicorn in the forest. As such, your reaction to them becomes less “reactive” and low value. I hate to do this to a fellow Asian guy, but the following is an example of a guy who is flinching and gives away his lower value. I do this to illustrate how guys react when they internally sense that the girl has more value than him.

The guy on the left is a famous singer in Taiwan. He’s well known. The guy on the right is a school host and talented student. Nonetheless, he’s basking in the moment and enjoying the attention. Notice the camera close ups of the guy on the right. Obviously, he’s a bit nervous, but he’s also enjoying the moment. It is a great feeling and I don’t want to take any value away from that. However, note how his facial expressions are giving away his inner thoughts. It also lowers his value. He is reacting to other people in a way that says, “I’m so happy to be here, I can barely contain myself! But I am going to try to be cool anyway and try to hold it together”:

Now, in a real set with hot 9s and 10s, the guy on the right will blow out, for sure. No woman would want to date someone who reacts that way to her. His survival value has been marked as very low in comparison to her replication value if he is behaving that way. Take a look at the guys at Simple Pickup doing it right. For them, there’s no reaction. They are calm and collected, and making fun of the whole situation. They are picking up girls using Starcraft Lingo, for God’s sake!

Video Record Yourself

Try recording a video of yourself speaking about a topic or interacting with someone, and watch it. I am guilty of this myself. I nod my head too much and my eyebrows always go up when I say hi. When you watch Arash or DJ Fuji you’ll notice that although they have moments of genuine laughs, their facial expressions are well controlled. It is a continuous display of high status. The reverse is true of those whose eyebrows go up. Unfortunately this is a more common trait amongst Asian guys for some strange reason.


Eyebrows – eyes go up! Hey! How are you!? I’m not saying there’s something wrong with this. As a matter of fact, a genuine expression of happiness to see someone is very warm. That’s why dogs are so loved by humans. But, as a facial expression to the hot girl you see, it is generally a passive, ongoing display of lower value.

When I watched myself on video, I caught myself shaking / nodding my head too much, and also my eyebrows move A LOT! I corrected myself in the mirror, and I started practicing opening 9s and 10s by holding my eyes firm, while smiling with just the muscles of my mouth moving.

The difference was night and day. Last night, the 9s and 10s I opened responded very well. “You’re so chill! You’re such a cool guy!”

The following are muscles and facial emotions any good PUA should develop:

  • Learning to hold a steady gaze
  • Learning to smile but holding strong eye contact, without always moving eyebrows
  • Learning to hold your head still and to project a strong stance (both legs on the ground)
  • Learning to smile genuinely when appropriate, to your own amusement
  • Knowing with it is appropriate to direct attention to someone, and when it is not

That’s it for now. I have learned SO MUCH from gaming 9s and 10s. The best thing I learned about this is that going after girls I genuinely find attractive on all levels is both a rush and a great feeling. If you can overcome the fear, the reward is worth it.

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