Gauntlet 2.0 Goals

These goals are developed to help push me to the next level, and to have a consequence (negative) for not completing them. Furthermore, I will have the support of the guys in the mission in order to accomplish these.

1. Finish the Honeyplex website (

Consequence if not completed: $100

2. Immerse in 1 on 1 training with DJ Fuji

  • Write and analyze all texts to improve text game (all TEXTS with girls I’m interested in dating)
  • Record in field x2 /week
  • Download App and record and analyze all calls with girls for Android phone

Consequence if not completed: $300

3. Get to 175 lbs without any food in my stomach, muscle mass only.

This will require me to go from 168 to 175 weight and a rigorous diet and training regimen

Consequence if not completed: $100

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