Gauntlet Day 13

Went out with some guys during day game, met my Brother lunch goal of 4 people.

Night game with Alex. Lots of learning

  1. Night game is like a fast paced video game with tons of traps and bonuses. If you do well you can go home with a girl or feel like a king in a club. If you do badly you can go home with your ego bruised or worse get into a fight. Basically it is a stream of compacted, intense social situations either you calibrate well and win or you lose.
  2. No one can win all night game social battles even if you are a master PUA and perfectly calibrated, you will not be able to know 100% of what someone (a stranger) is thinking. You can only cold read, guess, and make the least costly mistake.
  3. Night game has several strategies:
    • Obviously, calibration is best, but one can take a more bold approach – more AMOGS, because guys can get defensive, harsher blow outs, but more reward if the girl likes you she will go home with you.
    • You can take a more calm gentleman approach, will still get blown out but you calibrate better. Get into less fights, more guy friends, more casual. You probably won’t go home with a girl unless you are pushing it a bit more, or you meet a classy girl and talk to her for a long period of time.
    • Slutty, more “club” girls will respond to caveman-like tactics – they want guys to fight over them, and in a downtown club environment this can get viscous and there’s a lot of social pressure. The girls do this to see how the guy responds under intense social pressure and they get off on going home with the winner of that battle. Unconsciously they are turned on by it.
    • Unfortunately the clubby hot girls who dress like sluts and are usually the hottest are the ones that pull this type of behavior – they want the superficial drama and they feed on it.
    • Classy girls do too, but they respond more to a more gentle fight like two guys in a suit competing with their wit. As opposed to buff military guys fighting it out or pushing each other on the street.
    • You NEVER know how someone is going to respond. It is completely ARBITRARY. Some guys are SUPER cool and befriend me. Others who look “nice” or “handsome” are racist, or hate you. You just never know. Super good looking girls (and guys) respond differently depending on who they are INSIDE. You just don’t know. Some clues can be gleamed by their appearance, clothing choice, and how they interact with friends or others in the club. But in general, don’t judge a book by its cover.
    • Toward the end of the night, girls are a lot more guarded and can be bitchy. Lots of guys hitting on them. Its a type of “free for all” mating fight. It gets dirty, confrontational, and only the strong win. In a way I think it is low class, although in some ways it is just a amplification of human behavior at its most superficial level. The club environment enhances this. Humans have always night bars, nightclubs, places with alcohol and where debauchery can take place.
    • Even a classy girl is prone to being attracted by her environment, and I have seen classy girls go home with “questionable characters”. Sometimes that character is me. In general though, sex alone is not the end all be all, how she handles her relationships reveals a lot about who she is. Most girls will not date guys who are “club kings” because they’re just not good long term material. That said, she may go home with him, much like we have to “hot ass stripper / girl fantasy”. Alex and I were discussing how HOT blondes are SO Stupid when we talk to them (some, not all blondes, the ones that dress up for clubs and put lots of makeup on) and yet, guys still want to go home with them.
    • Overall I think the club is a good “social cage” to fight and hone your skills – it is a high stakes game. That being said, it is NOT a good place to build friendship, or nurture the deeper meanings of relationships. Because it enhances and focuses on the superficial things. A friend once said, “I feel like I am in a casino”. Think about it for a second:
      • Alcohol is used to numb the senses and create a false sense of happiness that is unsustainable
      • Girls are paraded around to be judged on their hotness and looks and sluttiness
      • Social value is based on “which guy is the coolest” or “which girl is the hottest”
      • Who has the most money to pay for drinks / tables
      • People smoke / second hand smoke reduces your longevity
      • Most people spend lots of money going out
    • In all honestly, I am conflicted. I want to master club game and this is the arena to drastically improve my “seduction skills”. At the same time, I feel like I already have the skills to meet the woman I want, and the woman I want to marry is not going to the clubs every night. Once in a while I may catch her there with her friends, but she’s not a regular.
    • My Ex GF’s influence on me was strong and I miss her dearly. Everyday. Will I go back to being a player, or seek out a good girl that I an have a deep, fulfilling relationship with?
    • Despite the joys of night game / club game, now that I know who I really am as a young man, I will never go back to becoming the guy I was pretending to be.
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