Gauntlet Day 3

  1. Checked in
  2. Scheduled 2 outings this week with members to help with day game and night game
  3. I’m going to change the goal of 500 words a day to 30 minutes a day for the book writing – sometimes I need time to re-think the narrative so we need to change the goal. If I just keep writing I won’t be thinking about the narrative and structure of the book. Upon completion, there are other goals like hiring a graphic designer, aligning the book, proof-reading, and marketing. 500 words / day is simply too singular a task. I will spend 30 minutes a day on this book, or stack it over a period of 1 day (i.e. spend 4 hours a day on writing this book). An entrepreneur needs to give himself flexibility over rigid goals and adapt accordingly.
  4. Got a bunch of stuff done for PUA Lingo. We just launched the top PUAs of 2013. Congrats to the winners!
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