Girl’s thesis on the Seduction Community

There is a thesis paper written by a girl called Elana Clift that I got word of. It is very well written, albeit a bit long. It is one of the best researched sources on the seduction community, seeing as how the history of our community is sometimes very fragmented or limited.

It is a very intellectual (i.e. think academic papers) read, I skipped through most of it but I found the her personal references to her experience and her changing views of her brother AKA “Passion” in the community very moving.

ElanaClift Thesis Paper (pdf download)

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    1. I also forgot to mention that I live in the same area so it's always great to hear FR's from familiar areas. Maybe one day we can meet up and exchange ideas, or just lightly online, you know how to reach me.

    1. Thanks Bro, I am just writing this to leave a trail, since one day I hope to become great and people can look back and say, wow that's where he was back then and here is his thought pattern.

      Plus I find it cathartic and fun :)

    1. Hey man, love your stuff. I coulda swore I left a message a few months ago, but I think I tried to write something too complicated and lost it somewhere. So i'm just going to drop a quick line instead. Keep up the quality posts, I know you put a lot of time into them.
      Hit me up on AIM sometime: acme zero


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