Introduction (Day 1)

The 40 days 40 nights Project

This idea came to me on New Years Eve in 2007. While I have achieved many of the goals I have set for myself, there were a lot of things that I did not accomplish in my 2007 resolution. So, in remembering the movie 40 days and 40 nights, I decided that I would publicly post about this project so that public humility in failure as well as a statement of my goals will help me actually achieve it. Thus starts day 1 of my experiment.

Regarding not masturbating or having sex, there are a few key reasons why people have done it in the past. In my experiment, however, I am altering one option – that is, sex with a HB7+ is allowed. Thus, unless I successfully attract a HB of quality and have sex with her, I will not engage in masturbation or sexual activity. I believe that this will force me to either game very strong targets / women of qualify, or it will divert my energy to other goals in life, including my career, physical strength development and other things. This will force me to make a choice and hopefully lead to come must needed, effective action.

Goal: 40 days of no masturbation and no sex, unless it is with a HB7+. If sex with HB7+ is achieved, it does not eliminate the 40 day quota and I must continue to sarge HB7+’s. LT girlfriends are not allowed.

Reasons for other participants of this experiment but not mine:

  • Religious beliefs (religious celibacy) – Not an issue for me.
  • To avoid the risk and/or prevent the spread of venereal disease – reasonable issue, but with condoms everything should be alright.
  • To avoid contributing to overpopulation – Not an issue for me.
  • To cultivate a relationship according to an ideal of chastity – I believe that all relationships with women are sexual, even if subliminally.

Reasons I am doing this:

  • To focus energies on other matters, like one’s career or development of a new skill (Dance, Acting, Game)
  • An inability to obtain a willing sexual partner (involuntary celibacy) – this is a test for me, if the urge is strong enough, it will push me to go out and sarge.
  • As an attempt to regain a sense of self and independence from others – whether I succumb to the urge of my desires or become free of them, we shall see what happens to my sense of self and how dependent I am on sex.

Influential Forces:

  1. I am doing this in conjunction with Style’s 30 day challenge. Most of this stuff is pretty novice level for me, but perhaps I can gain some insight from them.
  2. At some time, the urge to have sex will be too strong – this is when I predict that my urges will force me to go out more and sarge.
  3. Another possibility is that the sex energy will be channeled into another area of my life, which can include developing my career, developing my ideas for new businesses and websites, as well as finally mastering salsa, taking up acting class or a genuine skill of that nature.

Here goes: wish me luck!

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