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When I first purchased the domain one of my goals was to explore my fascination with men’s fashion. Overwhelmingly, this blog has been about the pickup arts and a personal diary of sorts. This section is the start of a new direction.

“Looks don’t matter”

Overwhelmingly, pickup artists or “gurus” will give you the “looks don’t matter” speech, or “it depends” answer when asked if looks are important in seduction. After some time in the seduction community, I find this statement to be slightly misleading, if not totally untrue. In PUA land, there is this idea that looks are only 30-40% of a girl’s decision criteria for a man and the rest of it is based on character and personality. More and more I find this to be untrue in my journey.

I think that looks are very important. If you are good looking, you will attract girls. If you are model good looking, girls will chase you. If you are slightly above average, girls will give less resistance during the seduction process.

The problem with looks is that it is like the “how tall are you” criteria (height) in basketball. Sure, you can be a short guy (Allen Iverson) and still rock the court, but you absolutely have to compensate this by incredible shooting, speed, or endorsement marketability. Likewise, if a guy is taller than you and matches your shooting percentage, he will mostly get drafted over you.

I have met some guys are are “ok” looking in pickup and they get girls. But they get them through social circles or over a longer period of persistence when out on random nights. This is because the characteristics of masculinity and attraction triggers can be conveyed, but this conveyance takes time. Over time, mPUAs, like a master comedian, can make a girl touch her hair (IOI) 10 times in a span of 10 minutes. Like a comic’s routine for laughter, the mPUA knows the girl’s attraction triggers. Fame is an accelerator of this effect, as movie stars already present an attractive image that women know from movies and our mass media culture.

Similarly, newbies staring out have a hard time because one of the fundamental reasons is that they lack to attractive physical appearance of that “attractive masculine male” archetype.  In any pickup bootcamp, depending on the school, there is the average makeup of the group:

  • Out of 7-15 students a night
  • 1 of them is really cool, and there to learn because he is genuinely curious.
  • 2-3 will be rather good looking guys who have some sense of style, but no pickup skills.
  • The rest of them will be mediocre to horrible looking guys, desperate to improve their level of game through weekend bootcamps.While I do highly value the instructors at these bootcamps, I have personally never paid for one and I see a bad segment of nerdy guys who continually go to these bootcamps for thousands of dollars and a year later, I see only very marginal improvement to their game.

Ironically this is the market that is more lucrative to the PUA companies, and year after year these are the renewable clients – the guys who don’t get good at a reasonable pace. Sometimes the answer for them is to step away from pickup and realize their value outside of the community and become cool individuals in their own right.

Fashion Modeling

Male fashion models are recruited by agencies for runway fashion (a very specific, glamorous side of the fashion industry) between the ages of 18-25 (14-19 for girls), at least 6 ft tall, size 40 regular suit and a slim 32 inch waist and 34 inch inseam. Usually with very chiseled cheekbones and a distinctive look. Even then, the chances of becoming a highly paid male model is 1 out of 100.

Occasionally I run into very good looking PUAs. Interestingly, most of these guys have other stuff going on in their lives. They have longterm girlfriends and pickup just “happens” for them. It is not a night out to pickup girls, inasmuch a night out with his friends and he happens to hit it off with one of his girlfriends. I think Matt, Beckstar and many on the PUA training staff are European model good looking. And AFC Adam just talks really fast so he cramps lots of content into a short time frame 🙂

The good looking effect

As a 6’3 Asian guy I was lucky enough to have carried on good genes from my parents. I don’t think I am model good looking, but many told me that if I were in Asia, I could be doing real modeling work. The reason I am telling you this is because I have some experience in what I am about to tell you, which some may consider unorthodox:

  • Good looking guys get more attention from their male peers ever since growing up, and therefore tend to develop healthier egos. In grades chool, female teachers used to treat me differently and the other male kids took notice and started hating on me a bit.
  • Good looking guys get more IOIs from girls in general, at a bar or within a social circle. Whenever I attend an all Asian party I know I am one of the coolest guys there, if not the coolest. This is partially also related to how lame most Asian guys are in the US, but that is another topic for another time.
  • If you ever gauge your emotions over time in the presence of a good looking girl, you will notice that the more you talk to her, the more you feel like she’s a person rather than a hot body. For girls I think it works similarly but opposite in some ways. The more I gaze into a girl’s eyes over dinner, the more she gives me IOIs. This is because (I think) women get excited at finding a good looking guy who has the personality to back it up. “Not only is this guy good looking, he is also well traveled and comes from a good family. And he’s not acting like a chode!” You are eliciting both her alpha male genes desires as well as a “suitable husband “/”Provider” desires as a woman.

No doubt, looks are not everything. Style can change a person greatly in terms of how other people perceive him. Hairstyle, piercings, tattoos, clothes, accessories, among other things. In today’s world, there are also more serious procedures that can alter the way a person looks. These include muscle building workouts and plastic surgery. I personally consider plastic surgery to be an extreme, but rather amazing and drastic way of enhancing looks for girls, and maybe even some guys. There are tons of research on finding the right doctor, and also how surgery is most effectively when done by the right surgeon and right conditions. (This will be a post topic for the future)

Dawn Yang before and after photos

In this section I want to focus on looks. Style. Genetics. The scientific research related to our perception of “beauty”. I am not going to adhere to conventional mental paradigms of “looks matter” or “looks don’t matter”. We will simply focus on what women (and men) perceive to be beautiful in this world, why, and how to improve ourselves within this system. Looking forward to a fun ride…

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