January 2011 Income Report

January ($973.85) – $32.46/day

$486 a month for me

  • 1/22/11 – $200.00 – Direct Ads
  • 1/20/11 – $155.10 – Affiliate sales
  • 1/13/11 – $50.00 – Ad space reservation
  • 1/4/11 – $368.75 – CPC Ads
  • 1/3/11 – $200.00 – Direct Ad 2

Expenses for January, 2011 – $118

Net Profit = $486 – $118 = $368

This month I made about $400 split 50-50 with my business partner. Not much, and not enough to cover food and expenses. We have been slowing down a bit as we are preparing for the Seduce With Style launch, and some of these product sales will come in next month.

Overall, I’d like to move away from depending on advertisers for money. It takes too much traffic and we are not negotiating the right deals. Our CPC ad can beat out $200 a month easily with our growth in traffic so we are actually losing money. No more selling direct ad space for less than $250 a month.

Our affiliate sales did ok this month, but the money came in through direct ad sales. As we move toward owning our own products the sales of these products will overshadow the advertising revenue we generate for PUA Lingo as we run our own ads.

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