Looking For A Great Business Partner

I am currently looking for a business partner. Obviously, the ideal characteristics are different than looking for a wing.

My current financial goal is to create $10,000 monthly residual income. Automated income. My criteria for evaluating business proposals are:

1. Ease of automation

2. High profit industry

3. Ease to scale

The second phase of my plan is to start something meaningful, ideally my business partner will:

  • Already at least $10,000 made from self (Other than paycheck from working for someone else)
  • Saved up at least $10,000 in bank account, preferably up to $50,000 self made. This shows self discipline and the willingness to plan ahead
  • Basic understanding of technology and web technologies
  • Knowledge of how businesses work and the industry we would like to pursue (this is not necessary, although nice as a bonus)

You can read my income reports here for an idea of where I have been and where I want to go. You can reach me with business ideas at admin (at) godofstyle.com