March 2011 Income Report

March Revenue: +$1231.20
  • 3/26/11 – $104.10 – seduce with style
  • 3/21/11 – $370.75 – seduce with style
  • 3/20/11 – $99.60 –  affiliate sales
  • 3/13/11 – $250.00 -direct ad revenue
  • 3/2/11 – $406.75 – CPC ad revenue

March Expenses: $145.95

  • 3/31/11 – $49.95 – imautomator
  • 3/28/11 – $29 – aweber
  • 3/6/11 – $10 – domain renewal
  • 3/2/11 – $10 – new signature graphics
  • 3/1/11 – $47 – popup domination

March business net profit: $1085.25

My profit share: $542


  1. Not enough money! Despite our best efforts over the past 6 months, the current stream of revenue is just not enough to sustain 2 full time founders. That, and along with my previous Google salary. We have come to the stark realization that starting a business takes time, and also, a large commitment.
  2. Process: we need to setup process. People are lazy in general. Daily reports now are a must. If the right processes are set in place, the right things start happening. Being in a startup, you need to build the discipline for you and your associated business partners. Without this, there can be no progress.
  3. We have moved all affiliate sales into our own product, which is generating revenue. However, there is still SO much more potential for SWS to grow. In addition to this, we’ve figured out the product sales model, and should be exploring even more industries to penetrate with this knowledge.
  4. March revenue was also lower due to affiliate sales going down. Because we added up all the affiliate minimum payouts in Feb, our average sales should be a little lower. Our average sales right now per month should be around $1500, and the goal should be $3000 for the next milestone.

small money change quarters



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    1. Thanks man. We spend so much money on instruction and coaches... and the underlying theme of living your own life, at least to me and others like me, means taking control of your financial situation as well.

    1. hey this is nice to see that people from the pua community or pua niche is doing good at building an internet lifestyle. More Power to you and to others.

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