My 2nd Round of Goals Completion

Time the pay the Piper, today’s Thursday and I’m booked for the weekend. The Gauntlet meeting is on Sunday

Original Goals – 100% Completed

  1. Write a Letter to Admired CEO of an Agency.  Must be done before 11:59pm September 3rd, if not $100. DONE sent in mail today. Wrote a second letter with advice on how to improve their online presence, this is the last one I will send.
  2. Pay It Forward.  Take out a guy or two and show them pick up skills.  2x.  $20 for each missed.Scheduled.
  3. Profile of your Ideal Woman.  Post to The Gauntlet Facebook page the profile of your ideal woman.  Done no later than 11:59pm August 10th.  $50 if not completed. DONE
  4. Choose Target Locations.  After profiling ideal woman, choose 2 events where she would typically be.  Done after profile, due date August 18th.  $20 for non-completion. Done. Museum (tomorrow). Model show coming up Sat. Then SD Fashion Show. 90% now is SHOWING UP.
  5. Brother Brunch.  Choose 4 men from current Gauntlet class and grab lunch.  Talk about life.  Bond.  $25 for each man not completed with. Tentative, 1 on Sat. Invite more after this week. 4 out of 4 completed with Gabriel and Jesse. Just realized I had lunch with Alex and Aaron too on Sunday, so that’s 4! I will shoot for 1 more this weekend. Completed with a few guys I took out this Sunday x4 for daygaming, had lunch with Ron from The Mission.
  6. Asian Interviews.  Interview 4 asian pick up artists in two months.  $50 for every interview not completed. Need to do this. Need to send out invites, have a list of 11. I have 2 completed, DJ Fuji this weekend, and Kong is writing me an email. Need 1 more full interview. 3/4

Goals in September

  1. Finish the ebook (text and all content) – this is not done = $20
  2. Finish optimizing the whole channel of all my seduction sites. This I completed today. I realized it is an ongoing process, however this has taken up the majority of my time over the last 2 weeks.
  3. Throw a big summer party and invite everyone you’ve met so far. No value taking, only value giving. Get 1:1 girl guy ratio at least – Created a FB invite for a pool party, will get lots of girls to come out.
  4. Talk to 1 person that has offended you and that you’ve frozen out and be at peace with them. If they are still hostile at least try to understand them. Talked to Charlie. It was kind of her fault, she’s still flakey and owes me money. Got 2 friends to reconcile back home.
  5. Create the new web design site with a full value proposition for Honeyplex Studios. I haven’t been able to complete this yet. $20
  6. Create or find one process or social connection that provides access to hot, high quality girls consistently. This again is an on-going process, however I have a contact that invites me to all her events for SD Arts, where I meet most of my girls and I got into SD Fashion week. I would consider this a win, of course there’s a lot more improvement and when I am more done with my work I want to spend the next 2 weeks focusing more on my social life.
  7. Create massage sessions or get them scheduled to keep RSI under control when working – I am really careful about this as my hands are my livelihood (no exaggeration)
  8. Spend at least 2 days (weekend) with guys from the mission and do non “pick-up” stuff. Hung out with Gabriel for lunch, Dan the Man, and went running with Paco
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