My New Gauntlet Goals for Sep 2013

Goals in September

  1. Finish the ebook (text and all content)
  2. Finish optimizing the whole channel of all my seduction sites
  3. Throw a big summer party and invite everyone you’ve met so far. No value taking, only value giving. Get 1:1 girl guy ratio at least
  4. Talk to 1 person that has offended you and that you’ve frozen out and be at peace with them. If they are still hostile at least try to understand them
  5. Create the new web design site with a full value proposition for Honeyplex Studios
  6. Create or find one process or social connection that provides access to hot, high quality girls consistently
  7. Create massage sessions or get them scheduled to keep RSI under control when working
  8. Spend at least 2 days (weekend) with guys from the mission and do non “pick-up” stuff
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    3 Responses to “My New Gauntlet Goals for Sep 2013”
    1. These are my own mate :)

    1. Are these goals you're advocating for us to do for September or are they your personal goals?

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