November 2011 Income Report

November Total Profit= $517.57

ACP Business 50% Ownership= $450.00

  • Direct ad revenue, CPC and affiliate sales from PUA Lingo
Honeyplex Business= $567.57
  • $154.91 ebook sales
  • $272.75 ebook sales
Expenses= $500
  • Linkbuilding
  • Outsourcing video production of sales page
inDinero Account
  1. There this new service called “inDinero”. Pretty cool – auto links to Paypal and your bank accounts, and automatically does accounting for you based on your revenue and expenses. However it isn’t as smart as your accountant – it counts returns in Paypal twice, and on e-lance, there are many projects that need to be re-edited and each time I do it, it counts the total $$$ amount again as costs. In reality, my profit this month in Nov was about $1200 and expenses just over $500.
  2. My expenses have gone up significantly because of my recent investments in linkbuilding and product creation for SWS 2.0. These are one-time costs as we prepare for launch. Normally your online business expenses are minimal, 10% if that.
  3. I still think we are WAY under-utilizing PUA Lingo, given its immense traffic count. However, this is a business that is shared with my business partners and I simply don’t have time to focus on it while I grow SWS and the Honeyplex business.
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