Profile: My Ideal Woman

This post is an on-going liquid description of my ideal woman as a life partner.

My last girlfriend I could say is the love of my life. I have never loved so deeply and was 100% invested in her. As such, the pain of the breakup was also extreme, despite that it was only 3 months. As I profile the ideal woman for The Gauntlet, I want to take a moment to detail the things I liked about my Ex’s.

Things I liked about my Ex

  • She was pure of heart and a very good person. She stops to offer whatever she has to homeless on the street even though she’s not wealthy
  • She is innocent and kind and treats everyone with respect
  • Her demeanor is that of a kid and she’s very inspirational and gets excited at little things
  • She has traditional family values
  • She doesn’t smoke or go to clubs or indulge in superficial things
  • She’s frugal with her money
  • She looks at me with a lot of concern, even after we break-up. I never doubt that she cares a lot about me
  • She’s gentle and moves gently and always thinks of other people first
  • She’s extremely beautiful. Physically, 9/10, she has almost everything I want physically as a girl.
  • She’s smart

Things I didn’t like:

  • She is sometimes naive and doesn’t realize guys really are hitting on her or is trying to get with her and treats them like friends until they try to make-out with her
  • She won’t date me because I’m not Christian, which to me, is form or segregation and discrimination based on religious beliefs.
  • She always thinks of other people first, to the detriment of herself, which sometimes is “lazy thinking” in my opinion. Without helping yourself first, you can’t really help other people.
  • She does’t have a college degree, and she keeps putting off school for financial reasons

I thought about why type of girls I like and Larry Page’s girlfriend came to mind. Lucy Southworth. My Ex looks almost exactly like her, same face and light blue eyes, except with light-brown hair. Their body measurements are about the same (!)


Now, I have to really take a look at my ideal woman. I know these lists change and that love cannot be controlled. Here’s my best “guess”:

Must Have:

  1. She is a kind-hearted person
  2. She was raised with strong values: integrity, honesty, value in friendship
  3. She wants to have a family someday
  4. She sees the light-hearted things in life and can laugh at the little things
  5. She is close to her family, and values her close friends
  6. She is beautiful inside and out. I know. I am going to sound like a misogynist, but I need to find my future wife HOT. As in, when I look at her, I see a beautiful woman. Beauty can be seen with time, but I need her to be somewhat conscious of her look, image, style, and the health of her body. I don’t want her to be super skinny or on a unsustainable diet. I want her to be healthy
  7. Understands the importance of health
  8. Strives to solve the core issues, and is socially intelligent in order to support me in my goals
  9. Knows how to love herself fully, and give love to others

Fairly Important to Have (not a deal-breaker):

  1. She is a spiritual person and believes in a higher power, but does not discriminate love or friendship based on religious beliefs
  2. She works out a lot and is in shape
  3. She has a college degree (I’ve seen many who do and are still retarded, so this is a nice to have) from a good university (like me)
  4. She is rich enough to support herself (nice to know that I don’t have to pay for everything). By “rich” I also mean, self-sustaining – she knows how to job hunt and get the job that she needs, and if she was single, to pay for everything herself. She’s financially responsible.
  5. She’s STD Free. She has an open mind about sex, but hasn’t slept with that many guys. If she has, depending on the circumstance, I won’t judge her. But beyond a certain point, I will judge her.

Other more superficial things like “good in bed” I realized don’t matter as much. If the intimacy is there, good sex can be learned. I’ve chatted with my friends about this and where to find girls like this. I’ve come up with a few ideas. Now is the time to go out and hunt and just see if I am right:

1. At MBA campus’s. We know these girls are intelligent and has the discipline to pursue higher education for many years

2. At charity events. We know these girls are there for a cause

3. At modeling shows. We know these girls to be physically attractive. Modeling also takes discipline, and an aptitude on handling men in the industry based on her perceived beauty

4. At a non-denomination church. We know she’s spiritual and does not discriminate between different religions

5. At whole foods / farmer’s markets. We know she’s healthy and cares about healthy living

6. Online. Because you never know and the Internet allows you to extend your reach more than just your physical presence.

I will visit at least 2 out of these 6 spots in the next 3 weeks.

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