Social Platforms

Bill Gates coined the original concept of the “platform”. It was first used in technology to describe the idea that one channel of processes can control or serve as a base of operations for the rest of the technology. A nexus, if you will, that others must pass through in order to reach the user or source.

Gates was able to pioneer the PC (Personal Computer), and this became a technology platform. In his domination of the PC market, other software, hardware and service providers had to go through the Windows operating system. With Windows 95, Microsoft ware able to take over the world using technology.

The search platform was pioneered by Google, at a time when no one thought search was important! People disregarded it was a useless function until Larry and Sergey began experimenting on the Stanford campus. Now, Facebook and Twitter are starting to develop the first social platforms and even reaching (as in Facebook’s case) saturation. New social networks will not be able to compete with Facebook’s level of integration to real world identities and their connections.


So I got to thinking – what about social platforms and cultural memes? Are there platforms in social hierarchies that require anyone else to go though after a certain point?

For example, it used to be that if you went on Jay Leno, you were considered “made”. An author being mentioned on Oprah was ensured millions in sales. Are these social platforms still in play?

Are there local social platforms? That iconic club everyone goes go, and where you meet the influencers of the city?

As I start thinking about social platforms, I can’t help but wonder – is there a way for all hot girls who aspire to be super icons to go through us?

Hugh Hefner was able to do this with playboy. Model agencies attracts girls from all places. GQ, Hustler, Esquire – anyone worth anything wants to be on the cover, and if we can establish such a company and such cultural significance, the hot girls of the world will go through us. Perhaps these should be called Cultural platforms, as social platforms is so synonymous with technology that enables us to localize reach across the Internet.


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