Step 1: Admitting you are not the sex worthy guy

A few days ago, TK was visiting us from LA, and in the Mastermind Alliance group we began looking at each other and commenting on each of our physical, voice, and overall impressions on the group. This was done in a very constructive way and it was one of the best sessions I have had, personally. Afterward I really started to look at all of the comments that were said about me, and also how much of it I was aware of. Of importance were:

  • I am 6’3 and 155lbs – I need to pack on some muscle and some pounds.
  • My voice, although deep, is not particularly strong sounding or commanding. It is very “neutral”
  • My style is good, but the way I move and my overall characterization is on the feminine side.
  • My face is sometimes expressionless, and when I talk my lips/cheek muscles don’t move as much. I mumble sometimes and speak very fast, and this happens in field, resulting in girls saying “what” a lot. My voice is not helping the “attraction” triggers a masculine, well controlled voice should be. Need to breathe in between words for enough breadth.
  • My body posture is not bad, but sometimes lacks dominance. Shoulders sink a little too much, head straight (bobbing head),

There were the main points. It isn’t like once a person is aware of these things, that its easy to fix. Some of these are, such as body posture. But some are these will take long term time and energy to readjust the bad habits that were ingrained in me for a long time. There are all passive value traits. In other words, they’re not game breakers – but improving these will significantly improve my margin of error in the field. I may keep my current mannerisms and still pull, but that’s a constant skill vs. effort line, instead of an exponential one.

Perhaps the most important thing I realized this week was the idea of the “Sex worthy” guy. Ozzie talks about this in transformations (RSD). Essentially, he has mentality of a closer. Results oriented. Healthy mindset of abundance. And this is reflected in life lifestyle. This is really painful and humbling, but I had to admit, as step 1, that I am not a sex worthy guy. Not in the sense that I want to be. Sex worthy for Hot Girls that meet my standards. That’s the key.

Thus begins a more realistic line in the sand for what I am battling against, and the progression towards the final destination: LIFE CHOICE. OPTIONS. A mPUA essentially is a master who has choice. He is able to pickup a quality (physically and intellectually) girl whenever he wants. He is able to walk on relationship because he is not satisfied, and not because he fears not finding a better girl. I will not stop and not be in relationship until this is achieved. Thus the journey begins to become a sexy worthy guy.

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