The Wisdom of Anger

October 30, 2013 by  
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When I was a kid I got angry at a slightly fatter friend of mine. This was around 8-10 years old. He said something bad about me and I confronted him with the other kids. I was a little taller and dominant in my personality, so the other kids followed me. I threw a rock at the fat kid and luckily it hit him in the stomach. He was hurt but he recovered. The parents got involved, and I was grounded. My parents (rightfully so) told me to apologize to him, and I said “I’m sorry”. I since recall this memory in embarrassment and shame. Kids have a way of just being honest and sometimes we become friends and other times we butted heads. I was genuinely sorry and we became friends again, but things were never the same between that other kid and me.


As adults we have a tendency to hide our anger, for professional or diplomatic reasons, and sometimes this anger manifests itself in unhealthy ways. I’ve learned through trial and error now that sometimes my anger is justified, and instead of suppressing righteous anger, you should just let it out or it will fester. Read more