Transition in work, life

Alpha, what have you been doing the last 2 weeks?

Alpha: Well. I was basically in a tough situation at work with 2 of my female managers. The situation lasted for about a month as I worked very hard to transition out of the group into a new team. For me, this was a difficult road. I learned a lot along the way. Read 48 laws of power and highlighted specific chapters. Basically, I was in a position of no power, and I had to play the game by other people’s rules and still come up on top.

When I received the offer from a fast growing group within the company, my new manager suddenly became very nice to me. I have heard and witnessed a lot of things about her, but in the end, we ended on a good note and I wrote her a final thank you note on the last day. I won’t bad mouth her here. People who are a certain way with people that create enough negative energy will craft their own demise, in time. And my mama taught me better than that 🙂

One of the other reasons I took a week off, after receiving my offer was that I needed a mental reset. I have hit a ceiling with my career, my life goals, and in general my pick up skills. I needed to re-frame my thinking. Today I read “The Answer”, and John Assaraf talks about why so many people fail – because the conscious mind is weak. It is short term. Long term habits and behavior is changed by concentrating and feeding your unconscious mind, where it is active 100% of the time and connects with Infinite Intelligence. Interesting.

I made 5 collages of pictures, photo shoots and pictures from magazines of the things I wanted in life, and they are hanging up on my bedroom wall right now. A lot of Victoria Secret models 🙂 As well as guy models/actors/leaders I look up to: Barrack Obama, Jeremy Piven, and my mom and dad!

I feel happy. I feel free. My carefree attitude has translated into an awesome vibe and everyone I interacted with today, I think, felt happier by just being around me. It is a cool feeling. So this is what people who do not have to work fulltime to maintain a lifestyle feel like. This is what movie stars and Vincent Chase feels when they are not working 🙂

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